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How To Create A Hotel Brochure In Adobe Illustrator

In a survey conducted by Bentley University's Center for Marketing Technology, 85% percent of visitors find out about an attraction or business through brochures. Thus, making it the number one marketing tool for promoting your business. Brochures can make or break your hotel business. By handing out enticing brochures, you can get more customers to come and visit your hotel, which means more interest. Through this, you get to showcase your hotel amenities and services so that people would know what type of amenities and services your hotel exactly have.

Follow our guide on how you can come up with an attractive hotel brochure in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Use a Ready-Made Layout

For starters, it's best to use a ready-made design layout for your brochure so that you don't have to make one from scratch. Our website offers elegant brochures, tri-fold brochures, bi-fold brochures, etc. to help you speed up the process. They're instantly downloadable and printable, and fully editable and customizable in Adobe Illustrator. It's less time-consuming. By using a ready-made template, you'll have an attractive brochure in no time.

2. Come up with a Compelling Headline

With your brochure, you want to capture your audience's attention and make them interested in what you offer, so start it off with a compelling headline. Use strong words like comfortable and affordable in your title. Also, pick a color that can quickly draw their attention. As for the font, make it bold and use a simple font style.

3. Input High-Quality Images

Guests should be able to see what your hotel has to offer before they decide to make a booking, so provide photos, starting from your hotel front to your amenities such as rooms, pool, and gym. Your photos must be of high-quality, or it would compromise the overall quality of your brochure. Every photo you input should come with a brief description.

4. Provide a Clear Message

Be clear about your messaging and don't stuff it with too much information, so your audience can remember it easily. Also, don't forget to include your website, social media sites, contact details, address, and call to action. For the location of your hotel, it would be best if you can provide a map showing your location. Another thing you can add to convince customers to come and visit your hotel are a few testimonials from review sites.

5. Design with Branding

You want people to recognized your hotel through your simple brochure, so incorporate your hotel logo and colors to the design to promote branding. Be creative. And to make your hotel pamphlet look aesthetically pleasing, only add a few design elements. Focus more on the photos and typography of your text.

6. Proofread and Print

Lastly, proofread your final output before hitting the Save button to make sure that there are no design mistakes, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. Then, have your simple brochure checked by at least two people before it goes to print.

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