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How to Make Simple ID Cards in Adobe Illustrator?

Identification cards are necessary because it serves as proof of an individual's identity. To create simple ID Cards in Illustrator, you can download the software beforehand. You should have a creative mind, an innovative plan, and these few steps to guide you:

1. Plan What Kind of Card You're Going to Make

What is your purpose of making an identification card? You should need to consider this before creating your ID badges. You will also need to think if you are going to make multiple cards and how many you will need to make. If you have already visualized your design, then it will be simpler to create your identity cards. In the planning stage, you will have already determined the primary purpose of your IDs and all its unique qualities, which include security features and photographs.

2. Find an Online Editor

Several online editors are available for download. If you are not familiar with them, you can search on the Internet. If you want to save cost and gives importance with efficiency, you can download a ready-made template. But if you're going to design your IDs personally, then you can start making one using Adobe Illustrator. It is easy to use and even has a step-by-step guide which could help you get familiar with the software quickly.

3. Get the Right Size of Cards

ID cards come in different sizes, but the default and most commonly used one should be that of a credit card. However, it depends on how big you want it to be. The width should be proportionate to the length as well. The International Organization for Standards (ISO) did state that for an official ID card, the 3.375 inches (width) and 2.125 inches (height) size should be followed.

4. Personal Information Data

Write down necessary personal data correctly and precisely. When you are writing down names, make sure the spelling is exact, the font more significant, and could be in a bold letter for emphasis. Titles should be indicated underneath the name and should be easily readable for easy recognition. You may utilize the backside of your card where you could show the person's pertinent data like blood type, social security number, and emergency contacts.

5. Photographs

ID photos should measure about 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm. Photos used should be free from touch-ups and avoid using Photoshop. Any marks that could be identifiable should be shown and not hidden. Your background should be white or any color that is lighter and which that enhances the face of the person. If they have moles or scars, it should be visible and not covered. If it is possible, do avoid wearing lenses or glasses that will cover the face. For females, do encourage to have their photos taken without too much make-up or they could go lighter.

6. Print

If you have nothing else to add, you can now finalize the ID after checking everything. Use materials that are suitable for your IDs. As they say, quality over quantity. After printing, you can distribute it.

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