How to Make Baptism Invitations in Apple Pages

If there's a baptism coming your way and you need to invite people, we've got instructions on how to make beautiful invitations in Apple Pages. As long as you've got Pages installed and the necessary details about the event, you'll be able to make invitations effortlessly.

1. Obtain Details regarding the Baptism

Unless you're the person responsible for putting together the event, you will need to gather details about the event to put into the invitation card. These details include the date and time of the ceremony and the reception party that comes after it, the corresponding venues which should also indicate the street address, and the dress code (if applicable). However, even if you're the one organizing the event, making a list of these details will come in very handy.

2. Prepare a List of your Guests

Otherwise known as a guest list, preparing this before making your invitation cards will help you determine the theme as well as the number of copies you will need to produce. However, when making a guest list, there are several factors that need to be considered such as the budget set for the event and the size of the venue. To make things easier, you can also write a draft of the guest list and just make revisions when needed.

3. Identify the Basics of your Invitations

Oftentimes, this goes hand in hand with the first step since it also speaks about the basic details. However, we separated it since it leans more towards the invitation card's physical attributes. To be specific, these basics refer to the card size, shape, theme, and color scheme of your baptism invitations. In addition to the details mentioned earlier, you might even want to include the type of paper or card stock to be used for printing.

4. Start Creating your Invitations in Apple Pages

If you've already got Apple Pages installed on your computer, then load it up, otherwise, install it first to get started. Although Pages is a word processing application and its designing tools are quite limited, it is still capable of loading and rendering high-quality images to create stunning printed publications. After opening Apple Pages, you can then start setting the layout of your invitation and then add the content based on the obtained details.

5. Add Simple Enhancements to the Layout

After working on the invitation's content, you can start adding enhancements to the design such a photo of the child to be baptized and some cute illustrations. You can also add the appropriate background pattern or color depending on the gender of the child (blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl). For ideas on how to design your invitation, you can always go online and check out sites that provide DIY resources such as Etsy or Pinterest.

6. Review and Print Copies of your Invitations

Before you can start printing copies of your baptism invitation cards, be sure to evaluate the design and proofread the details written on it. The latter is a must since a single error might misinform or mislead one or more invitees. Afterward, you can finally start printing copies of your invitation, we recommend referring to the guest list to keep track of the number of copies that have been and have still yet to be printed.

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