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If you are curious about Vector Graphics and its capabilities in creating impressive graphic layout and designs, then the post is gonna be of great help to you. Images below are presented to showcase several design samples which are created out of vectors and are further emphasized by the application of multiple colors on each of them.

Vector Illustrations

Summer Beach

summer beach vector illustration

This is an example of a beach vector depicting a particularly serene scene along the coast. Summer is perfectly portrayed in this theme with its rendition of the sun, blue skies and accessories, such as a summer hat and sunglasses.


Autumn Tree

autumn tree vector illustration

The illustration shows various images of autumn trees rendered in different shapes, such as hearts, circles and lines, trunks of different sizes, and distinctive concepts. They are further improved by the use of yellow and orange colors.

Spiritual Illustrations

spritual vector illustrations

The image depicts a young god sitting and playing the flute and is further accentuated by the presence of a goat, drawing attention to the god’s spiritual connection with the animal. This wonderful image, a cute drawing of its kind, is crafted to stress that it is possible to create one awesome image via computer graphics flawlessly.

Free Tree Silhouette Vector

free tree vector illustration

A number of trees of various kinds and types are depicted on this image. These silhouette vectors capture the essence and elegance of different kinds of trees. They’re great additions to any background design.

Beautiful Flower Illustration

beautiful flower illustration

Flowers of different colors, sizes and kinds are shown in the image. There are blue, orange, yellow, and green flowers, either attached on a single stem or are gracefully combined to form a bouquet or platform. Each flower is delicately crafted to ensure its beauty and finesse.

Happy Family Illustration Design

happy family illustration

This particular image shows one big and happy family, including grandparents and pets. It likewise includes smaller images of birds, bees, musical notes, minute floral plants, and a house. Here, you can create your own family image as well and have it printed.

Picnic Vector Illustration

picnic vector illustration

You can see some items pertaining to picnic, one known outdoor activity among families and friends, in this template. There is a dining table, a shrub and a hedge, to name a few. They are all considered in perfect forms with the exploitation of vectors.

Multicolor Vector Illustration

multicolor vector illustration

A kind of image showcasing the possibility of combining multiple colors into one and resulting to one spectacular work, all with through vector graphics. Shades of lavender, orange, blue, maroon, brown, and yellow are apparently conspicuous, all blending well to form such an art.

Office Illustrations

office vector illustrations

Office items such as computer monitor, global map, calendars, books, lampshade, and a mug are well-presented here. If you are into the business relating to office supplies, this one is best for you.

Vintage Illustrations

Vintage Illustration of Cook

vintage illustration of cook

This is great for restaurateurs and cooks alike. Here, you can create an image containing items related to foods and services industry. This is likely to boost and help drive sales considering its effectiveness to attract customers.

Animals Illustration Design

vintage animal illustration

Here, you can create different kinds of animals like monkeys and raccoon, all colored in black and white in order to look archaic. This is applicable on school projects or is simply for those whose passion is into animal drawings and images.

Vintage Skull

vintage skull illustration

The illustration of skull, two querubins, and a goddess is defined here. The numerical sign of four is also added in the picture. Regardless of the combination, vector graphics is perfect in creating layouts.

Fashion Illustration

vintage glamour illustration

This is for fashionistas and fashion trenders as they can create their own mannequins and enclothe them the way they want. Here, their imagination runs free without having to spend an extra cent.

Vintage Food

vintage food illustrations

This is ideal for food lovers and those whose businesses are related to foods and dining industry. This can produce images of various sorts including but not limited to tea, cakes, biscuits, fruits, and kitchen utensils like spoon, fork, cup, and kettle.

Vintage Vector Illustration

vintage vector illustration

The image shows one particular bird standing on top of a camera and being surrounded by blossoming flowers. It illustrates how one could further make use of vector graphics and produce admirable images and output.

Curved Ribbons

curved ribbons template

Ribbon Banner

ribbon banner

Golden Banner

golden banner

Red Banner

red banner

Labor Day

labor day

Old Ribbon Banner

old ribbon banner

Love Illustrations



Hand Drawn

hand drawn

Love Illustration Vector

love illustration vector

Simple Love Illustration

love vector illustration

Love Illustration

illustration with hands

Love Card

love card

Love Couple

love couple

Watercolor Illustrations

Woman with Floral Wreath

woman with floral wreath



Watercolor Set

watercolor set

Bicycle Watercolor Illustrations

bicycle watercolor illustrations



Blue Birds

blue birds

Birds Vector Illustration

birds vector illustration

Splash Watercolor Blots

splash watercolor blots

Landscape Illustrations

Mountain Landscape

mountain landscape

House Landscape Illustration

house landscape

Happy Kids Illustration

happy kids 788x

Landscape Vector Illustration

landscape vector illustration

Spring Landscape

spring landscape

Circular Mountain

circular mountain

Fantasy Castle

fantasy castle

Four Seasons

four seasons

Autumn Illustration


Christmas Landscape

christmas landscape

Tribal Illustrations

Watercolour Eagle

watercolour eagle

Classical Tribal

classical tribal

Wolf Tribal Illustration

wolf tribal illustration

Tribal Design Element

tribal design element

Tattoos Tribal

tattoos tribal

Boho Silhouette Style Tribal Design

tribal human design

Tribal Lion

tribal lion

Tribal Skull

tribal skull 788x

Tribal Owl

tribal owl

Bull Tribal

bull tribal

Graffiti Illustrations

Vector Graffiti Illustration

vector graffiti illustration 788x

Music Scribbles

music scribbles 788x

Urban Art

urban art 788x

Abstract Piano

abstract piano

Graffiti Sport

graffiti sport

School Girl

school girl

Graffiti Music Background

graffiti music background 788x

Lovely Children

lovely children 788x

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