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How to Make an Exquisite Invitation in Apple Pages

Whether it's an important event or a casual gathering, always remember that the prime purpose is to make your guests present. Producing a fabulous invitation card may not be a necessity. Instead, craft invitations that are appropriate to the activity that you are planning to have. We give you a step-by-step guideline that you may check when creating your own invitation. These directions are easy and reliable that may help you avoid being muddled up.

1. Know the W's and H

Before actually creating a card in Apple Pages, you have to answer first the 5 W's and 1 H questions because it is important to have a well-thought plan and an organized work. In a clean sheet, carefully input the significant things to consider, like what is the invitation all about, when will it happen, where will it take place, who will be your guests, why should they attend, and how would you make the invitation appealing but not demanding.

2. Think of a Theme

If you want to make a birthday, a debut, a baptism, or a wedding invitation in Apple Pages, make sure to think of a specific theme for that particular event so that your design will connect to it. Whether it is beach-themed, slumber-themed, or superhero-themed as long as it matches your upcoming activity and not the other way around. Most importantly, ensure that your invitation is pocket-sized or in an average size like what an invitation card should look like so it will be convenient for your recipients.

3. Keep Consistency and Emphasis in Mind

In crafting an invitation in Apple Pages, do not forget to be consistent with your format. Do not use various font styles, font sizes, color schemes, borders, images, and even stickers in one design that will result in imbalance; instead, be harmonious. Select an exact amount of style, color, etc. that you want to use and make sure that those complement each other. Furthermore, give emphasis on the important data like the celebrants or the name of the event.

4. Be Keen on Details

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the second most common leisure activity, next to watching television, takes an average of 38 minutes per day, such as meeting with friends, going to events, or hosting programs; in other words, communicating and socializing with others. Each person spends an almost double amount of time to socialize on weekends, 59 minutes, than on weekdays, 29 minutes. Hence, take into consideration the time that most of your attendees are available. Be sensitive and considerate in making and organizing your invitation and event.

5. Proofread before Saving

After inputting the necessary details—such as time, date, venue, directions, and others—and customizing the invitation template to your desired project outcome, the next thing you have to do is to conduct a design review before you save it in order for your effort, time, and resources not be put to waste.

6. Print Your Invitations

When you are done editing, click "Print" from the upper part of the Apple Pages' window, where you can find the menu bar. However, you have to ensure that you are printing your finished invitation card on a good-quality paper for the best outcome.

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