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How to Make a Lunch Invitation in Apple Pages?

Invitations have been around way longer than you expect. The first party invitation artifact was said to be from the year AD 100; it was for a birthday party. Since then, people already use invitation cards or letters to request people to go to specific places for specific reasons. People also use invitations nowadays for simple lunch and dinner get-together. This creates formality to the event. So, here are the simple steps to help you in making a lunch invitation in Apple Pages.

1. Name the Official Guests

The recipients make up the purpose of the invitation. So, the first move to do is to make a guest list. List the official names of the guests as a guide on to whom you need to send the invitations to; you also need to determine their respective addresses to keep the process organized. It is advisable to create the list way before the event to prevent yourself from rushing and scrambling the tasks.

2. Set a Pleasant Location

To have a successful lunch meal, you need to consider the area of the gathering. You do not want to eat your lunch in an undesirable place; neither do the guests. So, pick a pleasant location that suits your theme and the company. It is prevalent for companies to have a business or formal office lunch gathering with all the workers; in that case, you can anticipate a professional set up in that kind of scenario. Always remember to set the place in-theme with the get-together.

3. Think of a Charming Design

Right after choosing the location, think of the designs that you want to incorporate in your invitation. Just like the place, the design also reflects the theme of the gathering. It sets the mood of the invitation, so you need to choose the patterns, images, and illustrations thoroughly. You can include playful designs for informal get-togethers like a birthday party, wedding reception, Christmas celebration, and any other casual or holiday gathering. However, if it is for any corporate gathering, it should remain formal. Even with the playful designs, it should stay relevant to the whole motif. If it is for a simple work lunch or brunch, you can pick a concept that suits the coziness of the get-together.

4. Design the Lunch Invitation

To begin, open Apple Pages in your Mac. Open a blank file and resize it to the appropriate invitation card size; the standard size is 3.5 × 5 inches. Then, insert the planned designs. You can follow a simple, elegant, or fancy concept. It all depends on you and the lunch theme. Afterward, insert the texts that are needed to invite people. Those texts include inviting messages and further details that the guests use in going to the get-together. The information must answer the Who, What, When, and Where of the lunch meal. Then, arrange the pieces of text accordingly. You must know what needs to be more emphasized and what is not.

5. Send to the Guests

After designing your lunch invitation, recheck for any unnecessary and misspelled words. Make sure to check the pixels of the illustrations to set everything. Afterward, save the file and print it with the apt kind of paper. Then, send it to your guests! You can also send the invitations through e-mail; however, printed ones give more meaning for the recipient. So, it is more recommendable to deliver the invitations to their gates.

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