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What Is a Wedding Invitation?

An invitation is a letter or a card given to request a person to attend a particular event. The invitation contains important information such as the name of the event, the venue, the date and time, and to an extent the attire for the event. It is usually customized according to the specific event. The wedding invitation is used to request the invitee to attend the sender's wedding ceremony and reception.

How to Create a Wedding Invitation on Adobe Photoshop

Wedding ceremonies are a very beautiful and sacred rite of union between two partners. They are best celebrated together with loved ones who discover their presence is required through the use of wedding invitations. While traditionally handmade, the modern age process of creating invitations now involve the use of computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop. To learn how to make beautiful wedding invitations, you can follow the following tips.

1. Plan the Wedding

The most important thing you need to do for every wedding is to carefully plan it. Here you're going to need to make sure that your entire wedding is perfectly planned out. You need to consider the theme of your wedding so you can base your wedding invitations and other things on the given theme.

2. Rough Draft

When you have your theme prepared, you can start thinking about what you want your card to look like. Create a series of rough drafts to help you. You can open three to five tabs on Adobe Photoshop and work on your draft from there. The purpose of your draft is to help you plan your invitation layout. From the five drafts, you can select the best design for your final output.

3. Invitation Design

Once you've chosen your layout, you can start designing the invitation. You have the option to make your invitation card appear blank or you can add some patterns. Some people prefer to use blank cards to save more money, but it's best to use some patterns. Floral is the most common design of weddings. Next, you need to decide whether your invitation will involve an image. Here are some options you can include if you decide to use images: rings, flowers, two glasses of champagne, or doves. Adding hearts or cupid will only make the card look like a Valentine's Day card. Next, choose your font. Many invitations use fonts that have cursive so you can select from a variety of wedding fonts.

4. Content

The content of your wedding invitation should include the name of the people to be wed as well as the name of the person you're inviting. The card will need to contain the date set, the location of the wedding, the theme of your wedding, the dress code, the table number, and whether or not they will be bringing a plus-one. For the latter, you can either put it in with the invitation or you can put it on a separate card, like an RSVP card.

5. Review and Printing

When you've had your invitation set, review for any errors in the design and content and change them. You can save a JPEG file by clicking Save As on the file. You can also save it in PSD format in the event that you want to change something. The paper that you decide to print it on will have to be sturdy and in either pink, white, or rose gold depending on your wedding theme. Lastly, send out your creative invitations to your intended guests.

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