A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. If you have standards of what perfection means, no more doubt that you will surely aim it. With your preparations, one thing to make sure is your food choice. You have to ensure that no less than the best foods will you offer to your guests. You can make them presentable with these wedding menu templates in Adobe Photoshop format offering a variety of choices. These are beautifully designed and are 100% customizable for you to freely add or remove the content as needed. In Template.net, we guarantee you these templates in high-quality. Why would you settle for less if you can even make an impact and be extra to your wedding reception, right? 

How to Create Wedding Menus in Adobe Photoshop?

Choosing from the various food and drink options is important in creating a firm vision for your wedding. Making of wedding menu will associate your choice of foods and drinks to the time of year you planned to get married. Through these, your guests will also be informed ahead of time on what foods to serve. If your guest is a vegetarian, it will be easier for him/her to choose other options instead of deciding on the time of serving.

Likely, these are often displayed at each place setting in each table at your wedding reception. Other than plated, as the traditional wedding catering and the most expensive, you can also prefer buffet style as the least expensive. These menus encourage you to present unique flavors and unexpected food and drink ideas to make your wedding remarkable and for your guests to be served out from the best. Wedding is a special event and within that moment, you have to set everything special.

On the other hand, if you are inclined to a business that provides wedding services, offering wedding menus as part of your creative market is to be considered. Creating creative wedding menus may be an add on to your concerns, however, these menus will surely help your wedding to be a day you more liked to remember. So here are the steps that will allow you to make a proper wedding menu via Adobe Photoshop:

1. Set your Theme

Depending on your wedding theme and your wedding reception venue, you can make wedding menus based on your own style. If you are planning for a floral themed wedding, you can make a floral wedding designed menu. If you are engaged in a traditional wedding, you can create anything related to this theme.

It will not be eye-friendly to create designs unwelcome to your desired motif. You have the freedom to choose what theme to apply to your wedding. Thus, you are responsible for using that theme suitable for your event. If you like, you can look up samples of wedding menus and use those as references for your own.

2. Input the Foods and Drinks of your Choice

A food menu will never be called without the list of foods and drinks of your choice. If you already set your budget and defined your choices, you can now start to input it in your menu layout. Menus might not be part of the must-haves, but using this piece of paper will help you upsell your reception more elegant as you intended.

3. Explore Typography

Let your creativity be used and explore typography. There are lots of font styles in any software you use that you can apply in your menu-making. You have to ensure being creative, not compromising the design proportion. Also, be certain of the font sizes you choose so that your words appear as readable enough.

Usually, the names of the couples are printed on top of the wedding menu in large lettering.

To make this easier on yourself, download an editable menu template and simply make the necessary changes until it displays what you need it to.

4. Choose your Desired Menu Size

The standard size of a wedding menu is 5 x 7 inches but you have your own choice based on your needs. You can also make your own menu using Adobe Photoshop with its wide features.

5. Print it out

The final say is in your output. Thick paper/card stocks are the most traditional choice, however, you can use the colored ones with design if you like to.

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