Wedding cards in a wedding ceremony are used to invite friends and family. They can also be place cards or name cards that indicate where a guest should sit. offers a variety of well-designed wedding cards that you can choose from. These unique wedding cards are entirely customizable however you see fit.

One logical way to let your friends and family know of the wedding ceremony is through elegant invites. The date, time, attire, and location of the event are indicated here. On the other hand, you also need modern place cards or name cards to indicate where guests should sit. This way, you’ll prevent commotion at the reception. Here on our website, we have beautifully curated and bordered wedding card templates that you can customize anytime, anywhere. You can immediately edit the templates at our editor tool and customize the colors, themes, and overall content of the cards. However, if you are more comfortable using a particular file format for editing, file formats such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator, and many more are available.

Card-making may take some of your time, but you can always resort to using printable templates for a quick finish. You are also guaranteed a creative outcome because all of our wedding cards are beautifully designed.

You can keep our templates forever once downloaded and can be reused for another wedding ceremony. Create your wedding cards with and sign up for a membership to gain access to thousands of templates.

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