How to Create Travel Invoices in Google Docs

An invoice is a bill or a tab that indicates products and services with corresponding prices. It is an official document commercially provided by a seller to its buyers during purchasing transactions. There are a lot of types of invoices in business industries. Two of which are travel invoices and commercial invoices which can either be used for both paper invoicing or electronic invoicing.

But with the rapid increase of online invoicing, only small businesses and freelancers get to patronize the paper invoicing, while bigger corporations already adopted electronic invoicing.

They said that travel invoices may function the same as commercial invoices. But unlike the latter, travel invoices serve as proofs of purchase to the services enjoyed and bought specifically by the customers from the travel agency.

For work-related travel, invoices are of great importance in billing clients for their travel expenses. With that, our invoice templates will be your partner for your tour globally and locally. Get to create travel invoices easily and effectively using our travel invoices templates in Google Docs. Take the following steps to start out:

1. Choose Your Travel Invoice Template

For every business travel transaction, one must have a ready-made template, like a blank travel invoice template or pro forma invoice template, for a hassle-free billing of hotel or travel expenses. From a wide selection of invoices templates that you see, have the freedom to choose the template you need for your upcoming travel.

2. Free to Download and Customize in Google Docs

These templates are downloadable for free. Other than that, each template is fully editable in Google Docs that you can personalize and edit anytime, anywhere. Since this won’t cost you a coin two, download as many business travel invoice templates as you need, and secure a copy in your phone or personal computer.

If in case you need another sample of travel invoice templates that fit for other file formats like Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (.ai), Indesign, Microsoft Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Publisher, Apple Pages, and Mac Numbers, try exploring our list of travel standard invoice templates at

3. Edit and Keep in Mind the Necessary Information

Each invoice template comes with preformatted and professionally made content. However, you have to take note of what are the important details to include in your invoice. Those details are important and should be clearly printed on your bill, otherwise, it won’t be credited and validated.

4. Add a Logo or a Letterhead

What typically adds to the company’s credibility is a letterhead or a logo that is incorporated in your travel invoice. Choose a well-designed logo that you can use if you have a small business or you're a freelancer.

5. Choose Between Paper or Electronic Invoices

Paper invoicing demands hard work and a bit of your effort. Whereas electronic invoicing have it all easy and light. There are invoice management software tools that are made available for you to use like that of the Quickbooks travel invoice. You can use them to your advantage.

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