Our world today centers on the use of electronic devices and the internet. When these prove to be non-working, IT professionals are here to the rescue. Use an effective business card to make people aware of your IT and software business. Pick any card from our gallery of ready-made and high-quality IT and Software Business Card Templates in Google Docs. These templates are 100% customizable to fit your needs and preferences. These cards are available for printing in 3.5x2 Inches+Bleed. What are you waiting for then? Attract potential clients today using our business cards samples. Subscribe now to start downloading! 

How to Make an IT/Software Business Card in Google Docs?

According to Standard Donkey, 27 million business cards are still printed daily despite today's digital correspondence. Creating an IT/Software business card can be easy as long as you know what details need to be incorporated in one. We have compiled some tips below to help you make one using Google Docs:

1. Compile All the Important Information

This information includes your name, contact information, and your company name and its latest or modern logo (if you are representing a software company). Incorporate these in the business card in a logical manner and look out for erroneous details.

2. Decide on Your Business Card's Size

The standard business card's size is 3.5x2 inches. However, if you prefer a particular size for your simple business card, then you may do so, as long as it's not too small nor too big. When you open Google Docs before starting to add and write anything, set the page margins, orientation, size, etc. Use the 'Insert' and 'Format' menu to fix the content alignment, placement, media files, etc.

3. Choose the Appropriate Paper Stock

If you have received business cards before, then you know very well that they are non-flimsy. Your business card should be simple and standard in looks with all the details included. Invest in appropriate paper stock. A 16-point business card is the standard thickness.

4. Embellish Your Business Card

Your business card's embellishments or design should be appropriate to your nature and scope of work. Don't crowd the business card with unnecessary embellishments that will make it look messy.

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