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How to Create an IT and Software Scope of Work in Google Docs?

According to Gallup, Inc., 70% of employees feel that the management or managers do not provide clear goals and scope of work, which leads to inefficiency in their productivity. At the same time, another study from the same source states that only 15% of employees say that their company provides good communication lines and directives. Through these numbers, we can conclude that having clear communication within the workplace increases the efficiency and effectiveness of work. Hence, to help your company projects, we have provided steps below on creating a perfect scope of work document that will surely maximize productivity.

1. Be Direct

As told earlier, confusion leads to inefficiency, so to counter it, you should be direct. Create a Google Docs file and proceed with a 'Blank' document. Never write vague lines within your scope of work plan document. Make sure that you put proper and precise descriptions and have explicit details as well. Add distinguished details in different paragraphs to specify details. Never assume without supporting details regarding the project's timetable, fundraising, and other aspects.

2. Draw a Picture

You should draw an image within your scope of work or project scope document. This will help your company remember the details as they see the image connected to it. Make sure that you describe the goals and aims appropriately.

3. Provide Definition

Your document can be extended. That's alright. However, the problem with long materials is terminologies and jargons that other people not working within the industry might find disturbing. To make things easier, you should define your terms within your scope of work. Rember, the statistic earlier, make sure that your deliverables and implementation are adequately set with proper descriptions.

4 Incorporate to Documents

Lastly, you should try to coordinate your documents and papers to improve your project management better. If you have a website, incorporate the plan there. Make sure that you don't miss out on the chance of providing everyone a clear view of your work style and how they can help you develop it. Remember, you are not working alone; your employees are your best asset.

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