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Ensure that Every Supervisor, Successor, or Employee Adjusts According to the Job Transition Plan with a Well-Thought-Out Business Transition Document. And's Free Job Transition Plans in Word or Excel Can Help. Also, You Can Take Advantage of Any Customizable Document Such as a Handover Business Plan, Knowledge Succession Planning Project, Knowledge Transfer Template, and Transition Checklist Template.See more

Are you finally leaving your old job for a new opportunity? Or, are you promoted to a new position and are ready to train for your role transitions? Either way, we highly suggest that you write a Simple Plan to help you get through your new career in the first few days or months. You can either do it checklist-style or do it full-blown strategy according to your needs and preferences using's very own Job Transition Plan Template in Microsoft Word. When you have a plan, you can shift any of your worries into strengths that will be helpful to your job. 

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