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How To Create Job Application Letters in Microsoft Word?

To impress your future boss, you need to make yourself a market presentation through your job application letter to refer you for a job vacancy. A job application letter (also known as cover letter) should be with your resume in applying for a job. Even if employers would not require one, it is a custom to help you showcase your skills and achievements to impress the manager of your dream company. Writing this type of letter might be an intimidating task. However, if you will take these steps slowly but surely, creating a job application letter would be in no time.

1. Write Your Letter In Business Format

In writing your job application letter, it must be in a business format. Like your resume format, include your contact information, date, and the employer's full contact information. For business language, make sure to include a salutation at the beginning of your letter. Also, make sure to address them in the right honorifics and do not use vague greetings like 'To whom it may concern.' Also, indicate your signature at the end.

2. Market Yourself

Your job application letter is your passport towards your dream work. If you want to be an accountant in a real estate agent firm, you need to market yourself. Showcase what you can do to make positive changes towards the company. Provide skill or ability specifications that you have, have a sample checklist about it, especially if it will be a requirement for the job. Pro tip—numerical values offer a sturdy work foundation, so include it as much as possible.

3. Highlight Your Keypoints

Navigate for the job description that your dream company establishes. Make a simple checklist about it. Make it as a reference and if possible, include it in your job application letter. It will open the eyes of the employers for the possibility that you are the perfect fit for the job.

4. Keep It Brief Yet Impactful

A manager will likely be bored if your cover letter is two pages long. Keep it a single page leaflet as possible with no more than four paragraphs. You will only showcase your skills and abilities and not your background story. Your simple job letter will likely be accepted if you will present it in this way.

5. Open Your Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a go-to editing application that you can access anytime and anywhere. In making your job application letter, Microsoft Word is the best resort you can use. They offer user-friendly editing features and enables you to save time in editing. Do not worry about the compatibility of your file as you can edit your data in any Microsoft Word version.

6. Review, Edit, and Publish

Employers hate to see typographical errors in any job application letters. Review your letter from up to down, left to right. Check it not once, not twice but many times. If you are sure that your letter is polished, you can now print it. Submit it together with your simple resume and get that dream job!

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