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How To Create A Letter Of Intent In Apple Pages?

A letter or statement of intent concerns many possible aspects. It could be business proposals or deals such as purchase agreements, construction agreements, joint services deals, insurance deals, partnership settlements, and so much more. It could concern various applications, such as college applications, graduate school applications,  job or employment applications, and so much more as well. If you're about to indulge in such deals and applications, you need to know how to create a letter of intent for whatever deal or application you're about to indulge. That's why we have gathered a few tips below on how to do it effectively.

1. Start The Letter With Your Personal Info

In whatever type of formal letter, the personal info about the messenger must always be found at the beginning. Hence, you should do the same with your letter of intent. What you must provide is your complete name, contact number, email address, and home address. With your personal info, it'll be convenient for your letter's recipient to contact you in case there's something he/she wants to update or address to you regarding your intents. Moreover, see to it that your personal info stated in the letter corresponds with whatever official ID you hold.  

2. Address The Rightful Recipient Of The Letter

Whatever letter of intent you're creating, be it a job application, college application, or business proposal, you must address its recipient formally using Mister and Miss; if you know the recipient's full name, the better to state it. The reason why this practice is a must is to make the recipient feel that he/she is the intended reader of the letter. Plus you're reaching out to him/her in a personal yet still a professional manner. 

3. Express Your Intent And Motives In A Professional Tone

The body of your letter is where you'll express your intentions and motives to the recipient. You must do so in a professional tone since a letter of intent is a formal letter. You may download and view some of our letter templates to give yourself ideas on how to write in a professional tone. However, the only things you need to do to achieve that are to keep it simple, thorough, and use courteous words. Also, make sure to include factors in your letter that supports your eligibility to be granted of your intents. For example, if you wish to participate and study in a known college, you have to talk about your academic achievements. Another example, if you want to capture a business partnership with another party, you must explain what makes you eligible to be a business partner. Lastly, end your letter expressing your eagerness to be granted of your intents and your gratitude towards the recipient.  

4. Use Apple Pages

Apple Pages is undoubtedly one of the best word processors out there in the digital market. So if you own a Mac PC, why not use Apple Pages. It's already available for free. Apple Pages has the features you need to apply a standard format with your letter of intent. Plus it's user-friendly, which means operating it will be easy and convenient. Moreover, we have a selection of blank letters of intent templates that are compatible with Apple Pages. 

5. Print Your Letter And Place It In An Envelope

If you see that every element of your letter of intent is already good enough, it's the right time for you to print it. Once you've done that, place it inside a presentable envelope. If your letter of intent is a job application, you can staple it together with your resume to serve as a cover letter.