A step-by-step process is essential if you want a particular matter understood. One example of showcasing a step-by-step process is through a flowchart. Here on our site, we get how it's difficult to make a flowchart from scratch. That's why we're providing you downloadable, editable, and printable Management Flowchart Templates. Feel free to modify these templates to fit your needs and preferences. These templates are available in A4 and US letter sizes and in selected file formats. Make your flowchart-making easier and more convenient with us by downloading these templates now! 

How to Make a Management Flowchart

According to Kiddle, flowcharts show the process of time, materials, decisions, and people. It is the perfect diagram to portray the starting and ending point of a particular process. The elements are encased in different shapes and are connected through arrows. Color-coding is also observed to differentiate one element from another. Here on our website, we will give you tips on how to create a management flowchart:

1. Create a Draft of the Management Staff

Gather the names of the employees and their immediate head and make sure that you are well-aware of the management hierarchy. Once done, create a draft of how you want your organizational chart or management flowchart to look like. Creating a draft of your simple chart will save you so much time.

2. Choose a Program

Choose an ideal program that will help you make the sample chart. Some notable programs are Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Google Pages, and Apple Pages and make sure you know your way around the program to accomplish the task fast and easy.

3. Use Shapes and Arrows Accordingly

The shapes and arrows of a basic chart have corresponding purposes and are not used just for the sake of it. The four basic flowchart symbols are the oval, the arrows, the rectangle, and the diamond. Use these shapes accordingly so as not to confuse your reader.

4. Consistency Is Key

Once you have determined the purposes of these shapes, keep at it until you are finished creating the editable chart. Keep using the same shape with the same elements inside for an overall uniformed look. Use colors too to determine one element from one another. For flowcharts that are accessible online, add hyperlinks leading to job descriptions, pictures, etc.

5. Don't Use a Second Page

For your organizational chart to be understandable, keep it on one page only. If it cannot be contained in a single page, adjust its dimension, while keeping it comprehensible.

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