Solving contribution and function disputes among people in an organization might be the worst nightmare of businessmen. Guide your people to their right roles and responsibilities by presenting an organizational chart. Construct one now with our beautifully designed Organizational Chart Templates. These templates are available and easily editable in Microsoft Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Apple Pages, Apple Numbers, PDF, and Google Docs. They are downloadable, customizable and printable in A4 and US letter sizes and portrait and landscape orientation styles. Don't wait for everything to go wrong. The key to proper management is right at your hands. Exercise that power now!

How to Make an Organizational Chart?

An organizational chart shows reporting relationships and divisions of work in a leveled or hierarchical fashion. They are representations of organizational structures. They are not displayed to occupy dull spaces of establishments. They are there for specific purposes.

Obtain one now to delight in all the benefits you can get from it. Follow the steps below and get your organization to a whole new level.

1. Define your Organization

Determine what type is your organization. Are you a corporation, a complex organization, or a school organization? To help you with this, know what positions make up your organization and how are they structured. Defining your organization gives you the idea of the kind of organizational chart you are going to make to generate an action plan for this project.

2. Amass the Chart's Contents

Gather the details you need to complete your simple organizational chart. An organizational chart is a visual guide to those who aren't too familiar with the big names of your large organization. So to make this a useful guide for them, take note of all names and designations. List them from the top to the bottom of your organization's hierarchy of command.

Save the soft copies of everyone's headshot photos to identify the faces of the persons-in-charge. This way, they can identify their roles and direct any concerns to the right person. Get updated information on all these things. Your chart should depict the current line up of your organization.

3. Develop the Chart

Whatever software you use to make your organizational chart, got it all for you. Browse and choose from our wide variety of simple charts above. We have ready-made organizational charts for your company, university, travel agency, nonprofit organization, and a lot more. Use these templates to generate your organizational chart instantly.

The good thing about downloading them? Each template already includes suggestive headings, texts, and contents in standard Google fonts that you can easily customize in any software, plus you can get them for free. Start from scratch no more because all templates are installed with beautiful designs so you can readily print them. Take advantage of them now, save your time, and get your work done smarter and faster.

4. Pack your Contents in the Chart

After acquiring all the necessary information, it’s time to add them to your chart design. In your chart template, select the fields that need a revision of texts. Add names, change titles, and edit the other contents. Watch out for wrong information input like misspellings or improper placement of images. Customize the chart as you like. You can modify the design to make a creative organizational chart or maintain a simple one.

5. Secure Copies

Save your finished work in your desired file format. Make use of your printable organizational charts for your project reports or presentations and as a planning and management tool to systemize your organization. Browse through the rest of our site for all your business document needs.

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