Imagining everyday lives without machines or devices is a burden. You cannot cook your food or wash your clothes without exerting much of an effort. So, with the rising demand for mechanical equipment today, the demand for mechanical professionals also rises. Fill in the demand and start your job application by downloading our Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Template. Our template is user-friendly, so even fresh graduates or freshers can utilize it. Moreover, we made our templates according to the compliance of the industry. So, download this template now and come up with a killer cover letter along with your resume!

What Is a Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter?

A mechanical engineer cover letter is a document containing additional information regarding the engineering skills and experience that you can offer to your future employer. Aside from your resume, a cover letter would serve as your sales pitch that would convince your employer to hire you for the position. This would translate that you put effort into your application— an additional point for your application.

How to Write a Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Many applicants tend to overlook a cover letter as an unimportant document attached to a resume. But, according to the Job Seeker Nation Study, last 2017, 26% of employers read cover letters. This may be low in number, but imagine if your future employer is one of the percentages that would look for a cover letter. So, its better be safe than sorry and attach a cover letter. With that, produce the best engineering cover letter following these tips for beginners:

1. Choose the Right Cover Letter

There are three general types of cover letters that you can choose from— application, prospecting, and networking. The application letter is the recommended type of cover letter as it is used for responding to a job opening. It is usually utilized by entry-level to experienced engineers in applying for the position.

2. Go Beyond your Resume

You need to write your mechanical engineer cover letter in the right approach. With this, you need to make sure that your cover letter is complementing your resume, not duplicating it. Usually, it also serves as a point of contact with your prospective employers, giving them the first impression. Considering these, you can indicate two to three engineering skills and highlight them. Then, offer situations where you have applied such skills. This would give be a factor that would set your cover letter apart from your basic resume.

3. Write a Sample Letter

Drafting is a proven way to write a document effectively. Aside from its convenience, you can generate a unique and specific cover letter through it. Make a sample letter out of your ideas and focus on the mechanical engineer job. To do this, you must first look carefully at the job listing. Then, nitpick the abilities, skills, and experiences that you can indicate. Also, include the keywords that you can find at your resume. This might be time-consuming, but your future employer would appreciate such an effort that would encourage them to hire you for the position.

4. Indicate a Contact Person

Be sure to take time knowing the hiring manager responsible for recruiting you. Get as much information as possible and address them to your letter. If you do not know the person yet, do your research online or ask some of the company's employees. If you cannot find any information about the said contact person, just address them properly. Aside from this, if you have someone who referred the job to you, indicate them in your letter of intent. Mention their names to gain the employer's interest.

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