Basic Resume Templates

Make a Simple Resume Outline for Your First Job Application with’s Free Basic Resume Templates. Download Professionally-Made, Editable, and Printable Basic Resume Design Samples with Easy Traditional Outlines Intended for Freshers and Beginners. Perfect for High School Graduates and Entry-Level Employment Applicants. Download the Templates You Need Today!See more

When in a hurry and need to make an attractive resume too, a basic resume frame is the best option. Such a situation is very common, especially when you are constantly running to different recruitment processes. We can make it quicker for you with our ready-made basic resume templates. Every single sample added in the collection is easily editable and printable for your convenience and quick use. These templates are framed with well-formatted graphics, artwork, structure, header, and content. By providing a whole ready-made resume our try is to save the maximum of your time and help you go ready for any job interview or recruitment process. We assure you of the high-quality of our documents and ensure that you would need only some moment for customizing them. They are easily editable in all versions of Microsoft Word (.doc), Publisher, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop (PSD), InDesign, Illustrator, and Google Docs. Wait no more and get our affordable subscription plan now to enjoy our documentation services. 

What are the Advantages of Basic Resumes?

Resumes contribute a lot to get you placed in any organization or business. How you have communicated facts and information is of interest to the recruiters. Resume made inappropriately is the reason why they fail to qualify for the next phase of the recruitment process. Basic resumes are simple resume frames that represent the skills and experiences of the freshers or students in the simplest manner. It is an acceptable enough resume that would get them through to the next process of the job application.

The following are a few benefits of having a basic resume at hand in case of immediate situations:

  • Basic resumes are universal and can almost always be applied or modified to apply to any type of job application. When having multiple entry-level applications, you can easily edit the ready-made, premium design, and fully customizable basic resume template examples found at to fit any job application unlike your creative resume template or portfolio resume.

  • With just the basic and minimum information, basic resumes are naturally easy to read. This helps to hire managers to focus more on your resume and get the information needed faster to aid in the assessment of your resume. Simple or one-page resume layouts or formats are also some of the descriptions for basic resume templates found at the site.

  • Even with being new to making resumes, basic resumes at the site can be customized with ease. Highly editable and easily downloadable basic resumes can be found at the site to help with your resume needs.

  • Through the simple design and layout, basic resume templates from can be printed anytime and anywhere besides being able to be stored or saved into any device. Easily create outlines for your resume and print at the comfort of your home or send out for commercial printing. It’s just simply fast and extremely easy to use.

Looking for expert help? guarantees that you are getting everything done correctly and properly. Each template is made by expert designers and assures you of your work is done faster and easier at the same time. Save on time and effort in having to make a basic resume that works. Simply head over to the site and download the needed professional resumes. Enjoy lightning-fast download speeds and be able to instantly access any file or template anywhere and anytime.

Make basic resumes faster and smarter using templates from the site. With customized text and content for any job application, you do not have to look anywhere else to find the right or appropriate resume template for your specific job application. We have got you covered. All you need to do is simply visit the site, select a template to download and fill in your details. It’s that simple. Hurry and visit now!