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What Is a Menu Poster?

Menu posters are huge menus posted on the walls of restaurants, coffee shops, and fast-food chains. This type of menu is bigger than the usual menu sizes. Menu posters guide customers on what the dishes and beverages offered by the establishments are. Menus are not only found in businesses, but you can also find them at weddings, birthdays, and other events.

How to Make a Poster Menu

Your food menu advertises your business so it needs to keep attracting customers on what dishes and food items they can buy to have more revenue. Remember that your menu gives the impression of your business to your customers. So here are some simple steps to guide you on how to make a poster menu for your food business:

1. Keep Your Menu Poster Simple

Less is more. No one would want to read a cluttered menu. Although your menu is simple, it has to be attractive. Studies found that the more options you give your customers from your simple menu, the more they can become distressed. So you can give five to seven food items per category. For example, you can only put around seven dishes in the breakfast category. Do not complicate your menu.

2. Add Design on Your Menu Poster

You can decide what your menu concept and theme will be to make it creative. You can reflect your menu with the seasons or holidays. For example, on Valentine's, you can add romantic themes; on Christmas season, you can add Christmas decorations. Another thing, you can mirror your menu poster design on your restaurant. You can use your restaurant's theme and use it in your menu poster.

3. Where to Put Your Price Location

Traditionally, menu dishes have this practice of putting dots before the price. You can actually put the price right after the dish so that they can centralize their attention on the dishes and not on comparing the food prices.

4. You Can Add Images

Food images are attractive and that's a fact. Pictures of food on your menu poster can actually help your customers order the food, especially if the photo is attractive. Put the best food image of the dish on the poster to make the customers' mouths water. However, do not put too much pictures as it can make your menu poster look cheap.

5. Include Descriptions about Your Dishes

Include descriptions on your menu poster. Remember, just keep it straight to the point. Do not use long descriptions because you only have limited space and your customers will not waste their time reading long statements. Just use descriptive words that appeal to the senses and you will leave your customers curious of your food's taste.

6. You Need to Review and Print Your Poster

After finishing your menu poster, you can start editing and reviewing your work. You need to check the spelling and prices. You don't want to have an erroneous menu poster. Just keep in mind that your restaurant menu poster reflects your brand. After you edit and proofread your work, you can print it using high-quality paper.

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