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When in the food service business, it is easy to think that good food will just market itself. However, that is not always the case. In fact, many restaurants miss the fact that the menu is an important in-house advertising tool.

Successful chefs and restaurateurs understand the purpose of a comprehensive and well-designed menu in terms of branding. At its best, the menu can communicate not only the brand personality, but its position and story, too. Popular restaurants are able to take advantage of this detail. They convey a vision or ambiance in their menu, which helps maximize customer experience. Developing a menu requires understanding of the restaurant’s target clientele, and to creatively impress and entice them, which is why the design, font, color palette, layout, and even the use of space and photos all need to be considered.

The restaurant menu is actually very important to the point that there are studies that try to understand its psychology. From understanding the golden triangle, to using colors and money signs, to appealing to your customer's imaginations, there are plenty of ways to make a menu work for your brand. Safe to say, menus contribute to a customer’s dining experience at a subconscious level, so it is recommended that restaurateurs take more than a few seconds in planning its overall look.

Restaurant menus that are carefully crafted and planned, help customers navigate their list of options better. At the same time it knows how to upsell and promote the food items presented. The menu is what describes your product, so don’t be naive enough to think that they are just lists of food options to serve your customers.

If you’re not too keen on studying the psychology that comes with planning a restaurant menu, you’re in luck. Free templates offers a vast number of customizable designs that consider the many ways the menu can market your food to customers. Take your time searching for menu designs and layouts that would fit the overall personality of your restaurant -- there is surely one or two that can catch your eye.