If you're planning to open your own food establishment soon, don't let the hectic competition discourage you. With the right marketing strategy and tools, your chances for success will be undeniable. One of the things you need in achieving that success is an elegant and classy menu card. That said, we proudly offer you our editable and printable Menu Card Templates. Each of these templates possesses its own creative design fit for any food establishment. You also have the freedom to personalize them using Apple Pages, MS Word, Publisher, InDesign, Adobe PSD, and Illustrator. Secure the success of your future restaurant now by downloading these menu templates!

What is a Menu Card?

A menu card is simply a food menu consisting of a list of the various dishes served by a restaurant, cafe, wedding event, birthday event, and many more. Typically, a menu card showcases a fancy design to provide a good first impression and stimulate the appetite of the diners or customers.

How to Create a Menu Card?

There's this stereotype that 90% of new restaurants will suffer failure and bankruptcy in its first year of operations. But according to Adam Ozimek from Forbes.com, that statistic is largely false. He stated that only about 17% close within the first year, based on the findings by two economists using Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. With that in mind, don't get pressured about opening your own restaurant soon. The right marketing plan and tools will propel you to success. One of those tools is a menu modern card. So make sure to take note of our short guide below.

1. Establish a Theme

Every restaurant, no matter how big or small, has its theme which gives them an edge from their competitors. In fact, one of the very first steps in restaurant planning is establishing a theme. So if you've decided on a theme, make sure that it reflects on your menu card. A good example of menus with a theme is Christmas menu cards and Valentine's Day menu cards.

2. Select a Fitting Typography

The typography of your dinner menu card plays a vital role in enhancing its aesthetic quality. So see to it to choose one that goes well with the theme of your menu card. You can refer to some samples on the internet and from one of our menu card templates in this matter. Also, make sure to choose a typography style that's readable and understandable.

3. Apply Food Photography

Whatever type your menu card is, be it a catering menu, pizza menu, or wedding menu, attaching images on it will definitely stimulate the appetite of your future diners and customers. You don't have to showcase images of each of your dishes. The ones you consider as "Specialties of the House" will do. Additionally, it would be best to invest money for a professional food photographer in this case.

4. Classify Your Dishes

Don't just randomly list down your dishes on your printable menu card. Your future customers will be confused and might deem your menu card as messy and lazily made. It's a standard for every menu to classify each dish to what course they belong, whether appetizer, main course, drink, or dessert.

5. Emphasize Your Restaurant Logo

The official logo of your future restaurant is essential to the branding of your esteemed food and drinks. For that reason, it's important to emphasize it at the beginning of your menu card. By placing your restaurant logo on your menu card, you're already promoting your business to a wider market.

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