At some points, certain employee workloads cannot be just done within the normal working hours. It’s inevitable at times. Several factors urge some employees to work beyond their shift. No matter what these are, their overtime work contribution deserves to be acknowledged and paid off. With that, you will need these Ready-Made Overtime Sheet Templates in Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS) to time-track accurately. There will be no need to start from a blank layout as these come with relevant sample contents that are easily fillable for your specific data. We made these certain to be easily editable, instantly downloadable, and readily downloadable for your added time-saving benefits. Efficiently record over-time renders by using our original templates now!

How to Make an Overtime Sheet in Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS)

Generally, the nature of work can be demanding, stressful, and unpredictable. One day, workloads are easy and fast to accomplish; then the following day, is the contrary. And one way of the companies to cope up in these kinds of situations is by urging its employees to render more for overtime. In line with that, it’s a general and legal rule to pay a certain employee higher when he or she works beyond his or her shift as overtime pay. The need for accurate time-tracking such as an overtime sheet is highly necessary. Thus, here are the fundamental points you need to observe in making an overtime sheet in Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS).

1. Layout the Basics

Most of the basics you need to stipulate primarily are the employee/user name, your unique company name, address, the department or office, or any other else that your company requires on your overtime sheet. Basically, with these general elements, it emphasizes the overtime sheet exclusive company use. Make sure these details are properly spelled.

2. Draft the Columns and Rows

As the main function of your overtime sheet, these columns and rows should enclose all the specific information with relevance to the work rendered of your employee. These columns and rows should enclose the brief work description, regular shift starting time, regular shift ending time, the start of overtime, and end of overtime rendered. Moreover, your overtime sheet should also add all of the rendered overtime hours.

3. Name the Overlookers

To ensure validity and legitimacy of your overtime sheet, make sure not to forget having it signed by the leaders, managers, supervisors, or whoever the immediate officers for authorization. This detail is commonly stipulated at the bottom of your overtime sheet form. Make sure his or her name is clearly and correctly spelled and legibly signed.

4. Create, Store, and Share

Making in Google Sheets is one of the common and most advised platform to be used today. You can make your overtime sheet live and online, and it saves instantly in the cloud in which the other respective users can easily access and use at the same time! Also, as a spreadsheet tool, tabulation of the time rendered can also be in an instant by configuring the formula in your overtime sheet. It’s efficient, effective, and user-friendly!

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