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What Is a Sales Document?

A sales document is a written tool that communicates details about a company's product or service, its features, benefits, and pricing. Business owners use this document to monitor the revenue and to keep track of products or services that are making a profit.

How to Create Sales Documents in Google Sheet

Need to create an effective tracking tool to observe how well your products or services are selling? Refer to the guidelines below to learn how. Even if you're planning to make a report on a weekly or daily basis, these instructions will provide you with everything you need.

1. Determine what type of sales document you're creating

A sales document can mean a variety of documents that companies use to report sales forecasts through writing, and it comes in several types. These include pre-sales documents such as budget inquiries and quotations, order documents such as cash sales and standard orders, schedule management, and complaint-processing documents such as sales returns and invoice correction requests.

2. Review sales documents created by other companies

As part of the preparation and pre-encoding process, it might be best to look at other companies' sales and gather ideas from it. Gather as much as you can, but be careful not to replicate what they've done in their sales document. What you can do is find ways to make your sales document better or to add a personal touch to your document that's relevant only to your company.

3. Make a draft of sales document based on your company

By gathering data from your company's and the manufacturer's website, flyers, brochures, and posters, you can come up with a draft of your sales document. Create lists of bullet points to outline the various data that you've gathered, it'll be easier to analyze and interpret the information this way. For these drafts, focus on the products, service features, and everything that's relevant and related to sales.

4. Create a new Google Sheet and start inputting data

By now, you've probably already created a Google account that you wish to use for creating sales documents. Simply start a new Google Sheet template and set up the layout, fonts, and cell sizes. Afterward, start adding the data that you've prepared in your draft and make sure to observe standard formatting. If you're planning to add graphical objects, make sure that they don't clutter the layout.

5. Add a short but compelling call-to-action statement

The addition of your contact details is not always sufficient since it often leaves the reader hanging and not knowing what to do next. By complementing it with a CTA or a call-to-action, you are telling the reader what they should do after going through the content. If you want to boost the engagement rate of your prospects, simply add an effective CTA statement with your contact information.

6. Save your document in the PDF format

Lastly, save your finished sales document in PDF for easy sharing and printing. While there are many other file formats available, these two are actually the most preferred ones because they are both sharable, printable, and supported by many operating systems. Afterward, you may either share the file through email or have it printed and sent to its corresponding recipients.