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    How to Create an Itinerary in Google Sheets

    An itinerary is also called a travel itinerary. It contains the schedule plan of events or travel destinations that help guide a traveler to travel from one place to another. 

    A travel itinerary serves two different purposes. When you are an employee planning for a business trip, your itinerary must include information about meetings, contacts, and events to attend to. This will help you make your business reports accurately when you get back from your business travel. However, when you travel personally out of your desire to explore the world, your itinerary contains mainly information regarding destinations, transportation means, and other points of travel interest. 

    “So much of who we are is where we’ve been, says William Langewiesche. Hence, start your journey to travel the world with a wide list of itinerary templates on our website. In doing that, consider the tips below on how to create an sample itinerary using our ready-made itinerary templates in Google Sheets:

    1. Make a Checklist of Your Time and Destinations

    When we travel, we do not own the whole time to do everything we want. There must be schedules or a timeline that we must follow strictly to keep ourselves on track. That is why we need an itinerary. It serves as our daily planner, and it’s what makes things easier and organized. 

    So before drafting your own travel itinerary, try making a list of things and organize them based on your priorities. 

    2. Choose an Itinerary Template You Need

    Each travel itinerary template can be easily downloaded and customized. Choose the one that best serves your interest. When your tour is all about business, then a simple business or business trip itinerary template is what you perfectly need. At, we offer you our best itinerary templates you need for whatever purpose. Explore our website and choose the best one. 

    3. Download and Indicate Appropriate Details

    Our list of templates are downloadable for free. Download as many itinerary templates as you need, and put necessary details. Details may include the checklist you made and other personal travel places or meetings that you want to accomplish while you are on your tour. 

    It’s also good to organize these things according to your priorities. With that, you can now indicate the important details in the downloaded template. 

    4. Review the List and Make Room for Necessary Changes

    Have your itinerary documents be checked from time to time for updates. If there are mistakes or other details that need changes, try to make some corrections and changes. Be open to possibilities in your trip. 

    5. Print or Save on Your Mobile Phone and Computer

    After editing the template, you can either have it saved to your computer or mobile device or print it to have a visual and clear look of your travel itinerary. 

    Done? Mark your calendar and enjoy your vacation!