How to Create a Photography Brochure in Microsoft Word

Going back, photography started during the 1930s. It all began with the camera obscura as the weapon of choice. Jumping off to today’s fast-paced environment and technological advancements, a lot of people have taken cameras as an advantage to open a new business. According to the data released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the year 2012 holds a record of approximately 136, 300 photographers. And in the coming years, the number is expected to rise. There is a demand for weddings, portraiture, and landscape photography, and all must be assisted with experts and professionals. So, is your photography business at its peak? With the resources, portfolio, and skills, you would probably think all is well. However, it should also come with the right marketing tool for more exposures. To detail down what your business can prove, a brochure can help you through it. Now, make a Photography Brochure in Microsoft Word by following the steps below.

1. Prepare the Resources

First things first, keep the process easy and manageable. It is essential to avoid taking too much time along the run. So, before you get started, prepare for what is necessary. In achieving a smooth flow of the process, develop your company logo, images, and content. Ensure that the photos you will incorporate in the later process are of high-quality. Aside from that, make sure that you prepare the details, such as the introduction, service and product information, and your company contacts.

2. Decide on a Size, Format, and Layout

Once your resources are ready, it’s time to prepare your template. Finalizing this step may be too demanding. This, too, could take a little of your time. So first, choose the format you need. You can choose bi or trifold. Next, pick a size; (US) 8.5x11 or (A4) 8.23x11.69 inches + Bleed. If you want your document to get the best visual result, the full bleed is highly recommended. Now, if you want to avoid taking some time, getting a pre-made template would be helpful. Our website provides a selection of Ready-Made Photography Brochure Template you can download. Other than that, it is customizable, as well.

3. Incorporate Relevant Images

Visuals will never be complete without adding images. The truth is, people are more drawn with images than words. Aside from that, photos serve as a strategy in allowing the audience to pick your business brochure. Achieving a good response means ensuring the images are fresh in the eyes. So, you need to make sure to use quality images. But more than that, avoid using photos that are not solely owned by your organization.

4. Add Your Content

Complete a company brochure by adding the messages and other information. You are not only limited to write down descriptions in the middle pages. You can also add them to the front cover, as well as at the back. In adding the messages, limit it to not too short and not too lengthy. Don’t forget to add the contact details, service options, and prices. But above everything else, it is necessary to be consistent. Let your readers clearly understand the brochure.

5. Unleash Your Creativity

Don’t dwell on the text and images alone. Colors and symbols enhance the whole look of your brochure. So, provide your audience with the information they must know of with a creative brochure. You can play with colors and symbols. But always remember to observe consistency. Choose the palette that best suits your logo. Now, attract more potential clients!

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