In today's generation, that's full of creative ideas; one can do question how to produce a unique concept that is out of the box. If we look into the perspective of art, particularly in photography, there are a wide variety of projects that one can browse as a reference, like a photography lookbook. That is why, whether you are looking for a photo reference or want to compile your photography project and share it with others, make sure to check our high-quality Photography Lookbook Templates. Programmed with alluring pre-made content and design layout that is editable and printable, get to achieve a presentable lookbook in just a few clicks! What's more amazing is that you can enjoy these using your available electronic devices wherever you are. Download now! 

How to Create a Photography Lookbook in Microsoft Word

The popularity of smartphones that are equipped with a high-definition camera, or the availability of photo manipulation and enhancement apps that one can utilize, make you want to question if there is still a demand for photography services. If we look into the trends of the photography industry in the United States, the IBISWorld gathered data that within this year, the industry's revenue would rise to $10.5 billion. The data also testifies the growing number of 199,500 running business that provides photo services.

So, if you're doubting on investing your time and craft to be in the photography business, the statistics should urge you to take action on stepping up on your passion today. We'll help you achieve it, for we've gathered below a guide on how you can get started through a lookbook.

1. Identify What to Showcase

You want to showcase your photography portfolio. However, have you already identified your photo collection that you want to showcase? If you still haven't, then prioritize this process, for this is the essence of having one photography lookbook. Compiling your photographs will depend on your choice, but you need to meticulous on picking your featured images. You can establish it first by identifying your target audiences. For instance, you aim to sell your photo art to the fashion industry; therefore, make sure to display a relevant photography output that is fashion-related.

2. Plan on your Lookbook's Appearance

Since you opt to have a photography lookbook to show off your photo output to your specific audiences, it is a primary task for you to enhance its appearance. For you to make your lookbook more alluring upon structuring its presentation, you need to establish a design motif. Several design motifs such as minimalist, modern, or pop design theme might be your choice. But, regardless of what is your choice, you need to make sure that your lookbook's appearance fits your preference and to your target audiences.

3. Pick a Design Software

Before sorting your lookbook's structure, you need first to pick a digital layout software that will cater to your layout needs. Choosing the right layout software for your lookbook will depend on your preference and capability in terms of the software specs. See to it that the app you've chosen will provide you the best features that would enhance your lookbook's appearance. If you don't know what kind of software that you should utilize, application for lookbook projects like Publisher, Photoshop, and InDesign could be your avenue.

4. Design your Photography Lookbook

Following your planned structure, theme concept, and chosen application, you can now begin crafting the structure of your lookbook. Upon processing your lookbook's layout, make sure that everything is coherent in terms of your design and your obtained plan. So that you'll be consistent in doing so, make sure that every graphic design element that you're going to incorporate to your lookbook are relevant and consistent. Since a lookbook is similar to a magazine or catalog in terms of structure, you can use our catalog and magazine templates as a reference.

5. Maximize the Engagement

A lookbook doesn't only limit to a physical copy. With the advent of new media that you can utilize, boosting your lookbook output through social media is also an advantage for you. With this process, drawing your potential clients to avail of your photography services would be an easy one for you.

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