What Is a Photography Voucher

A photography voucher is a small paper document distributed by photography businesses to promote and advertise their photography services in a discounted price. Such photography services includes family portrait photoshoots, graduation photoshoots, birthday event photography services, wedding photoshoots, maternity photoshoots, and many more.

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How to Create a Photography Voucher in Microsoft Word?

For a business such as a photography business, a quality voucher is certainly expected. It's understood that your photography business specializes in taking quality photos. So if your voucher is of low quality aesthetically, then it might fail to grab potential clients. For that reason, we have gathered a few basic tips to help you create an elegant and effective voucher for your photography business.

1. Use Microsoft Word

You might think of Microsoft Word as merely a word processor software, but it's actually fully capable of being an editing software. Among other editing software, Microsoft Word is one of the most user-friendly, which means navigating around it is less-confusing, making it a lot easier for you to create your voucher.

2. Convey Its Value Clearly

The value of your voucher is the very essence on why a customer will be enticed to avail your discounted photography services. With that in mind, you must convey it clearly on your voucher. To achieve that, all you have to do is enlarge its font size and enhance its font style. If you're using Microsoft Word, then this should be an easy process.

3. Attach Picture Perfect Photographs

Since your business is a photography business, then you should consider attaching picture perfect photos as a mandatory rule. The consequence is simply if you won't do so. It's very likely that a potential client will be discouraged to avail your services even with the discounted price. The photographs you'll be attaching on your voucher must be related to the photography service it's representing. For instance, if your voucher is representing a discounted wedding photography service, then you should attach photographs of newly wed couples or pairs of elegant wedding rings on it.

4. Make Design Enhancements

To make your voucher more beautiful and eye-pleasing aesthetically, what you must do is make some enhancements on its design. See to it also that the design of you voucher fits well with the photography services it's representing. Say for instance your voucher is representing a 18 yr old's debut birthday party photography service, then the design you must embed on it must have a floral design that emphasizes a feminine vibe.

5. Indicate Your Photography Studio's Contact Details

To make it easier for a potential client to contact your business in case they have any clarifications, you must indicate the contact details of your photography studio. What it must include is your studio's contact number, location address, email address, and social media pages.

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