People love to take photos. Photos of the food they eat, the places they travel to, what happens in their day, and even just a simple photo of themselves. Social media are full of these images people take every day. But there is a profession that makes picture quality perfect and professional looking. They are our photographers. Photographers can compile their works in a material called a lookbook. If you are a photographer in need of a lookbook, here are our Photography Lookbook templates. These lookbook templates are downloadable and customizable in Apple Pages, Adobe Indesign, Microsft Word, and Publisher. A3, A4, US letter sizes with Bleed and landscape orientation style. Make an exhibit of your photos with this material now!

How to Create a Photography Lookbook in Publisher

Photography is a wonderful skill. Great photos are taken by these skilled photographers. Let these photos be preserved by compiling it in a lookbook. Tiffy Diamond gave tips on how to shoot the photos in your lookbook. Prepare it using Microsoft Publisher by following the guide steps below.

1. Showcase your Creativity

Interior designing is not just applicable to enhance the interior of houses. It also applies to the look of your book. Show some spirit of creativity as you showcase your hard-earned photos of a clothing or fashion brand, food product, landscape, scenery, etc. As a photographer with a creative mind, you can start envisioning how you want to dress up your photos in the lookbook while you are still shooting it in the studio or wherever that may be. You can compile them with a story or just make sure that your photos are well arranged in the lookbook to make a smooth transition from the first page to the next page, and so on. The main details of the lookbook are your photos. Sorting your photos will prevent making the full lookbook content dry.

2. Make an Engaging Content

Yes, you ought to give information to your audience, providing product and other descriptions. But it doesn’t have to be too formal. Instead of giving your content a serious, monotonous tone, why not make it engaging? Making an engaging content will encourage your audience to browse and read on until the last page of the lookbook. It will prevent wasting the effort you put into every photo you captured as they become more appreciative of your work.

3. Make a Persuading Lookbook Cover

The first thing your audience will see is the front and back covers of your lookbook. Just like in newspapers, what engages people to buy them is the headlines. Most men go directly to the sports section which is located in the back portion of the newspaper. So, don’t neglect to put persuasive content to those portions. As we can see in most magazines, they use celebrities as a cover preview. They design it that way to get the attention of people. That’s a strategy. How about for your lookbook, what are you planning to make as a cover? Your cover photo must pre introduce what your audience can expect in your lookbook. For example, food magazines feature foods that people might want to learn how to cook. It will be up to your content as a whole. You can display the best of the best photo that you have and include content in the cover referring people to read more about the cover photo.

4. Create a Table of Contents

Why call it a book if it doesn’t have a table of contents? A book is composed of a number of pages and each may have different content, so to help guide your audience, include a table of contents. You may not follow the traditional book of contents where there are only plain texts. You can do it your own way, like add photos on the page or design. You may check this out with our photography lookbook templates above. You may also any of our templates to organize your own lookbook as they are all downloadable for free! Yes. And you can also fully customize it using Microsoft Publisher which makes any published output beautifully made. Grab one and publish now!

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