Over the past few years, there is an increasing demand for photography services across the world. If you want to win the business competition in this particular industry, start creating a compelling print advertisement with the help of our ready-made photography flyer templates. These templates are 100% customizable, printable, high-quality, and beautifully designed, enabling you to create a flyer in a blink of an eye. With these at your disposal, you can provide information regarding your professional photography services to both loyal and prospective clients. Regardless of what your business offers, be it commercial photography, event photography, or wedding photography, we’ve got templates specifically tailored for you. Plus, these templates are easily editable and downloadable in all versions of Microsoft Publisher and several other file formats. What else could you ask for? Download now!

How to Create a Photography Flyer in Publisher?

Photographs immortalize a passing moment. Memories may fade away, but photographs last a lifetime. It bears a great significance in different aspects of human life. In the business industry, high-quality photography helps advertisers communicate a message and tell a story to potential customers. Images in print and digital advertisements catch the attention of the audiences; thus, making it an effective promotional tool. Because people cherish memories and businesses want to maximize profit, they hire professional photographers to do the picture-taking for them. Although one can take pictures using a smartphone, photography services ensure individuals and business entities that they get the best of what they pay for.

If you are a freelance photographer or you are working for a company, marketing the services you offer is vital. It helps you increase customer loyalty and build a strong brand image. Provided below are six steps to help you create a photography flyer for the growth of your business.

1. Choose Microsoft Publisher

Before you start creating a flyer, know what editing program will help you accomplish the task more efficiently. We suggest that you make use of Microsoft Publisher since it is user-friendly and cheaper than other desktop publishing applications. You can use this program for designing high-quality print materials such as brochures, postcards, flyers, and more.

2. Know How to Attract Customers

Aside from the overall appearance of the flyer, you should also pay attention to the “keywords” you incorporate in your print ad. It would be beneficial if the headline of your flyer will have an attention-grabbing keyword such as free, now, save, and limited. Highlighting a promo or discount is also proven effective in enticing potential customers. Aside from the wordings, the right choice of fonts and colors also play an important role in achieving an eye-catching design.

3. Keep Your Content Brief

Whatever type of photography services you offer, be it wedding photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, newborn photography, etc., you have to make sure that your target market will read the content of your flyer from start to finish. To do so, avoid writing lengthy sentences so that readers will not get bored just by looking at it.

4. Showcase Your Photography Skills

Showcase your professional photography skills by attaching photos of your work in your flyer design. The photos will serve as a sneak peek of the quality of service your clients will receive when they opt to do business with you. The photos can be an event wherein you provide photo coverage such as a wedding or graduation.

5. Include a Call to Action

No matter how creative, minimal, simple, or elegant your flyer design is, it would still not fully serve its purpose if you don’t add a call to action. Persuade the readers to avail of your service by instructing them what to do next. You should also include essential information about how to reach you.

6. Distribute

After making sure that everything is all set, print the document on a high-quality paper and distribute the flyers in strategic locations. You may also post your flyer design online to expand the reach of your message.

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