What Is a Real Estate Checklist?

This is a type of digital or printable management tool that’s used in a variety of work that’s related to real estate. As explained by The Balance (a business-related resource), not only does real estate involve the buying and selling of land, but it also includes things like the construction of new buildings. And so, checklists are pretty useful for all the required work--from outlining potential home buyers to creating property marketing tasks.

How to Make a Real Estate Checklist

Whether you need a checklist daily, weekly, or more, putting one together is simple enough. But, if you need a hand, then simply read through our tips found just below!

1. Give Your Real Estate Checklist an Appropriate Title

After opening a new document file in your chosen processing software (preferably MS Word, Google Docs, etc.), start by giving your checklist a title that describes the contents without being too lengthy. Something like “Realtor Agent Schedule checklist” or “Kitchen Inspection Checklist.”

And, below the title, write down your company’s name. Keep the font size bigger for the checklist title compared to the company name.

2. Use a Grid Table in Your Real Estate Checklist

To make sure your checklist’s contents look neat and are easy to read, using a table is necessary.

When creating the table, give it three columns. Meanwhile, the number of rows depends on how many entries need listing down. When adjusting its overall size, stretch it out horizontally so that its sides reach both margins on the left and right of your document.

3. Fill in Your Real Estate Checklist’s Grid Table

Next in your checklist, enter the necessary category headers for each column. Starting from the left, write down Task, Description, and Remarks in their own cells.

After that, under Task and Description, input the corresponding information, The Task column contains a short name for the entry, while the Description column mentions important details in a concise format. Leave the Remarks column empty for later, using it to comment about a task upon its completion.

4. Enhancing Your Real Estate Checklist

There are several options for improving your checklist. One of them is coloring the table’s column headers for better readability. Another option is inserting your company’s logo into one of the upper corners or above the company name. Finally, it also helps to add an extra column on the table’s left side for leaving a checkmark once a task is complete.

And so, just remember our tips and making your own checklist from scratch won’t be a problem from now on! Finally, if you need customizable content to save you time, don’t forget about downloading one of our Real Estate Checklist Templates!

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