Even in writing business letters and documentation, the company should include a letterhead. The letterhead represents the company and an essential sales and marketing strategy. Designing letterheads may sound difficult for beginners, but with our Real Estate Letterhead Templates, you don’t have to spend so much time drafting yours. These artsy templates are 100% customizable and professionally designed by our talented graphic designers. Moreover, they are available in InDesign, Apple Pages, Google Docs, MS Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator for your convenience. You can now own original artworks for a reasonable price. Grab one now and subscribe to our subscription plans for more templates! 

What Is a Real Estate Letterhead?

A real estate letterhead is composed of a company logo and other information with an engaging design. Most businesses, including realtors, utilize letterhead in their documents as it proves that such documents are genuine or official. Also, some realtors find letterheads as a great tool to market the company’s services using its artsy logo only. According to Designbold, an online photo editor, a well-designed letterhead is good for business documents. It establishes professionalism and makes your documents more formal.

How to Make a Real Estate Letterhead

Making letterheads is sometimes time-consuming and difficult, especially if you have a little knowledge of graphic design and editing tools to suit your real estate business plan. However, we prepared a few tips for you to use when making one.

1. Conceptualize Your Idea

Before you begin drafting your letterhead, make sure to conceptualize your idea to save time and resources. Research for trendy designs of real estate letters and letterheads and think if these designs are fit for your real estate business.

2. Use Free Designs

You can use free letterhead designs on our site. Just search and pick your preference. Also, you can use designs with no copyright restrictions on various websites. Check out some of your relatable real estate brochures to match the letterhead.

3. Include Basic Information

The company logo is the ideal example of a letterhead with moderate design in the upper and lower part of the document. However, it would be best to include basic information such as your line of business and contact information.

4. Ask for Feedback

Before you print many copies of your letterhead, ask for feedback from your workmates, senior management, or colleagues. Be open-minded and accept suggestions from them. You can browse a few real estate flyers and posters to get a vague idea about the trendy designs to make your letterhead look appealing to clients.

5. Use High-Quality Materials

You now have a well-designed letterhead, so make sure to use high-quality materials before you print it. Research for high-quality papers, ink, and printers in your area. You can also compare the quality of these materials on the internet, checking out some popular real estate social media sites.

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