How to Design Real Estate Letterheads

Letterheads serve as a sort of calling card of a real estate agent, except it is used in letters. It contains the details about the agent such as the agent's name, office address, company name, contact information and the logo of the real estate company the agent is working for. Letterheads are usually used in formal documents such as letters and memos. Learn about letterheads and how they are made with just a few simple steps present below.

1. Plan the Layout

It might just be a simple letterhead but it would be very beneficial for you to have a plan about your letterhead's layout. You have to determine where you would place the company logo, information details of the agent as well as the company's. You can look at ready-made letterhead templates if you need a reference.

2. Be Creative

You will want to be creative with your letterhead, However, keep in mind that your letterhead must appear professional. You can use colors to make your letterhead attractive. We would highly suggest that you use your company colors so that your letterhead will have color coordination with your company. This would greatly help in branding and advertising.

3. Place the Logo

After you have chosen your colors, the next thing is the placement of the company logo. You can refer to existing designs to know where to place your logo, but typically it would be found on the top part of the letterhead. It is placed either on the top left or top right corner of the document

4. Add the Agent Details

Add the contact details of the agent on the bottom part of the document. Make sure that you have included the agent's name and contact information. If the agent provided his or her social media info you have to add it as well.

5. Add the Company Details

Last on the checklist that you have to include in the information down below, is the company details. Make sure that your letterhead has the company name and address as well as the contact number of the company.

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