How to Create School Reports in PSD

Making a presentable and well-formatted report card for your school to use is a simple task to fulfill with Adobe Photoshop and our varied gallery of Ready-made School Report Templates available at your disposal! If you need some guidance, then check out our easy steps below.

1. An Art Program for Your Academic Needs

Adobe Photoshop makes for an excellent choice when it comes to creating and editing all kinds of reading material, and that definitely includes report cards! With Photoshop’s powerful set of features that provides users with an ease of assembling something impressive, it’s a program that truly is worthy and suitable for being a tool in composing a school report to record a learner’s progress.

If you don’t have access to Photoshop yet, you can go get your hands on it from Adobe’s online store. You’ll have to make a choice from their different monthly rate plans before you can download and install Photoshop. Adobe also offers a free trial that you can take up to try out Photoshop for 7 whole days before subscribing; no credit card information need.

2. Select an Appropriate Design for the Report Card

Our next step is to decide on which design template you should use from our diverse collection of Ready-made School Report Templates. We offer an array of designs for you to use in presenting your students’ final scoring for each listed subject and providing feedback regarding their performance; suitable from kindergarten period to high-school level.

While looking through our catalog pages of templates, you can click a thumbnail that you might be interested in to open the template’s own page in a fresh tab on your web browser. In that new browser tab, you can simply use the download link button to save the template onto your computer. If you want, on the same page, you can also view preview images of the template on the left side of the page and have a closer look at the file’s details on the right.

3. Start Working on the Report Card

Once you manage to grab a file to use, you should now proceed with firing up Adobe Photoshop and get to work on editing. With our templates already containing pre-made content and graphical designs, all you’ll really need to do is make whatever appropriate changes that your school would require for it. Having Photoshop as your chosen program, it’s a breeze to add more blank fields to fill out or remove any that end up being leftovers.

4. The Cards Are Ready to Report

Did you finish editing the template’s design? Wonderful!

Just remember to save and your report cards are ready to print out for the teachers to use.

5. Input All the Necessary Data of Your Students

All that’s left to do is for the teachers to add the written information for each student’s report card into the blank fields. If that’s to be done digitally, then they’ll need to make sure to use a size and font style for the text that’s easy to read.

Create spiffy yet professional report cards by using Adobe Photoshop and our useful set of templates!

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