How to Create a School ID Card in Adobe Photoshop

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, schools have many ways to ensure security over the premises. Some of these school safety and security measures include, but not limited to, controlled access to school establishments by locking or monitoring doors during school hours, the use of security cameras, requiring the faculty and staff to wear picture IDs and the implementation of a dress code. In addition to these practices, some public schools reported using random dog sniffs to check for drugs. A few also required the kids or the students to wear uniforms and picture IDs and used random metal detector checks.

For the use of school IDs, 68 percent of schools practice this method, although the concept is not that prevalent as before when almost everyone has one, as this mainly involves the school's population. The number of enrolled students in America back in 2017 is a staggering 76.4 million, according to the US Census Bureau, which is 24.7 percent of the population three years and older. That is why having a new school ID each year for everyone is a big challenge. For those schools that want to do the initiative, a few steps are available down below to help you create that perfect School ID Card.

1. Determine The Cards

Your first step in creating your School ID Card is to determine the type of card you wanted to create. The choices include its orientation, for example, vertical or horizontal, and the material you wanted it to be printed on, as these things are essential for you in the long run. These basic things are your starting point to finish your card. The space credit for design and edit is also dependent on the orientation you wanted to use. If you wanted to create a simple ID Card, you can lessen the color collection and make your orientation vertical.

2. Download A Template

After your decision is final, you can start looking for a template. If you want to have more leeway in designing your card, you can try and search for a blank ID Cards template. If ever you wanted to expedite your process, you can look for specific designs for the schools or academic institutions. Choose wisely.

3. Edit The Template

You can start editing your template after finishing the download. Edit your template well. Remember the unwritten rule in design to only use at most four colors and four types of fonts. Using more could lead to some artistic disaster creating disharmony within your piece. It pays if you can find something like a creative ID template as this will surely keep the creative edge without inconsistencies in the design.

4. Clarity Is The Key

Be clear on your ID details by grouping them in specific places. Put the name of the student upfront but make the frontside less detailed as the back portion. People from the school don't need to see the school details every time they see each other's ID Cards. Just a note, modern IDs usually go with minimalism which will keep your IDs from looking awry.

5. Keep It Short And Simple

KISS they say it or keep it short and simple. Please don't make your design super-sophisticated; instead, make it minimal. This tip has been consistent for generations and a good reason. People appreciate a simple note over a three-page process analysis letter that only wants to remind the individual of the process he/she already knew. So make your design efficient by making it short and simple.

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