Managing an educational institution requires more than just a simple advertising tool in order to gather more enrollees for the next school year.  The parent or guardian of a student, or the student themselves, must grow a liking and trust to your program so you can gather more revenue.  To help you out, we have a variety of School Brochures in PSD that you can use!  We even have these brochures in bi-fold and tri-fold formats and are available in programs such as MS Word, InDesign, Publisher, Pages, and Illustrator.  It is 100% customizable and print-ready on US sizes so download any of these now!

How to Craft a School Brochure in PSD

In order for readers to trust that the school they are looking into is right for their child, they have to do their own research. There are a variety of ways for parents to learn more about a school before officially enrolling their child in your program, however not many parents have the luxury of time to physically visit the learning institution for long periods of time. Here is where a convenient brochure comes in. If you want to create a captivating and stunning brochure for your school business, continue reading for more tips.

1. Have a focus group

Are you catering to a certain niche? You could perhaps focus on teaching English for ESL learners, art classes, or even just a regular high school. With that, stick to your expertise and add in the contents that are appropriate for your focus group. Take for example these Preschool Brochures; one glance at the design and content these have, and you already know that the school being promoted is catered to young children.

2. Write down what makes you special

What makes you stand out from other schools that cater to the same focus group you have? Whether it is the facilities you provide, the talented and caring teachers you have, or your ideal vision for your establishment is one-of-a-kind, write it all down. Your school’s best attributes must be front and center so you can easily impress interested parents and/or guardians. You can also take a look at some School Flyers, which are even more program focused to give you some inspiration.

3. High-quality photographs should be a priority

Pictures that have low-resolution and don’t look entirely great can make you appear unprofessional and seem like you don’t care. Believe us when we say great photos can surely boost up the creativity of the graphic designer inside of you. High-quality photos are a must for brochures that promote colleges, high schools, and even sports programs, and will stand out with themes like modern and contemporary styles. The sample photos here in our School Brochures are of great quality and resolution. We hope these can give you enlightenment on how they have to look for your own brochure.

4. Beware of clutter

When you are choosing the right format, whether bi-fold or tri-fold, remember that they serve 2 different goals. Tri-fold is more informative and allows for more written content yet smaller photos and bi-fold is for when you want to add in larger photos for the readers to see more with minimal content. With this being said, the last thing you want is for your brochure to look cluttered with too many things going on. Going for a clean and simple brochure is also on-trend these days because of its ability to capture the attention of readers without doing too much.

5. Don't forget the details

What horror it is for any business owner to see that contact information, address, and office hours are not included in a brochure. So don’t forget adding in your school’s business details in order for families to set appointments for a visit or to simply visit the premises when they want. To help you manage the school visits, other appointments or errands, let us help you out with our Weekly Schedules to keep you on track.

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