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How to Create a Restaurant Business Card?

A restaurant business card is an informational document that informs the reader about the restaurant services and contact details. It is an excellent source to connect to the restaurant service. When you own a restaurant business, you would like to attract a summon everyone to it you meet. These business cards are helpful for that as it is portable wherever you go for its compact size. With specific words and details, it can help them to reach you anytime they want. With proper color choices and graphics, business cards can uplift your brand with greater public awareness.

While 72% of people admitted their quick judgment on person or business based on their corporate business cards, 39% also declared that "cheap" looking business cards turn their off also and might as well not to do business at all, data gathered from Statistic Brain Research.

As they say, "Numbers don't lie." Now, we have listed our sharp vital points below in creating your own designer business card for your restaurant business. After getting one of our ready-made business card templates above, do your minor modifications to cater to your certain specifics following the guidelines.

1. Incorporate Restaurant's Branding

When you design your elegant business card, stick with the graphical elements that can represent your restaurant's unique branding as well. If your restaurant has been making use of particular typography, then start it from there. The same goes for the color scheme your restaurant has been displaying with. For instance, if the restaurant is Chinese-inspired, integrate Chinese graphical elements into the business card. Incorporate these familiar elements into your business card well. Furthermore, in designing your business card, make sure that these graphical elements are on its high-resolution quality. Make sure it's not faded, dull, and or even pixelated.

2. Make Lines Available

A business card is nothing without the pertaining contact details. Make sure to entail your always-active contact details. If you have more than one mean, provide as well. From your contact numbers, you may also provide your company email address, website, social media pages, and others. It's a must to keep these lines spelled out correctly and clearly for your potential customers. Primarily, these contact details can be imprinted with a special section on your modern business card. One simple tip, to make details for your contacts legibly clear, make its section's background empty or white to emphasize such relevant information and be instantly memorable to the viewers.

3. Logo: Featured

Despite its tiny size, always allocate enough space to imprint your restaurant's unique logo unto the printable business card. Since business cards are generally distributed or spread, it's its feature also to promote your restaurant's brand as well --- hit two birds in one stone! Moreso, an indication of the logo in the business card, adds credibility to it. Place your logo at the center or by the sides of your business card. Just make sure it doesn't appear distorted when rescaling its size due to the limited space.

4. Name the Business Card

A vital requirement in creating your sample business card, alongside the contact details, the restaurant's name, or the person's name. Spell it out correctly. If your logo already comes with the restaurant's name, skip in typing again the full name; instead, imply your restaurant tagline. The names must be imprinted legibly, readable with no difficulties at all. To emphasize a bit, fonts to be used can be sized up or highlighted with different font colors.

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