How to Make Restaurant Business Cards in Pages

There are plenty of different ways to make you and your food business look more business-like when meeting clients and associates; smart attire, tidy hairdo, maybe a good shave, etc. However, as a flashy cherry on top, a set of business cards makes for an excellent addition to your professionalism.

Not only do business cards give an extra layer to your image, but they also present your contact details in a concise and compact format. According to a page from, certain countries (like China and Japan) treat the use of business cards as a tradition in the corporate world.

So, business cards are useful in looking impressive and professional, while also coming in handy when someone wants to contact you for future business ventures. To help you compose a calling card design to call your own, we’ve assembled a healthy roster of our Ready-Made Restaurant Business Card Templates for you to pick from--our sleek yet creative samples won’t fail in making you look presentable! In addition to that, you can read our tips (found below) on how Apple Pages can be used to customize our templates.

1. Find a Business Card Design to Represent You

First off, you should consider the theme/aesthetic of your establishment. Or, if you want your contact cards to speak for just you, then think of what kind of tone you want your cards to give off. Whatever you decide to go for, our Ready-Made Restaurant Business Card Templates have plenty of variety to cover you! From vector illustrations depicting cutlery to eye-catching color patterns, you’re bound to find something that suits you!

2. Spruce up Your Card Template in Apple Pages

For your Mac desktop (or iOS device), Apple Pages is a good fit when looking for an editing app that’s functional yet approachable for anyone to use.

Were you able to make a choice between our business card templates? With your downloaded file open in Apple Pages, try some design ideas to personalize the look of your card. Otherwise, feel free to leave the visuals untouched (since they’re already good as-is). Though, don’t forget about your logo (if you have one).

As you’re replacing the placeholder text, put together a reference list of your appropriate contact details, using it so you don’t forget anything. Arrange each bit neatly, making sure to space them enough from each other for good readability.

3. Spread the Word About Your Business or Profession

With your business card design taken care of, it’s time to incorporate other types of material that’ll help your business!

Using flyers is a cheap and reliable way of getting a bit of exposure. Effective for handing out and plastering around.

Setting up a website is good to give people an online option for reaching you. A website is also nice for answering FAQs about your and/or your business.

4. Ready to Impress Clients

Once you have your business card design saved and ready, print out as many copies as needed and carry around a small stack to use. You can easily find some cardholders for this. Make your barbecue joint or 5-star restaurant look good with our Ready-Made Business Card Templates!

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