As someone who runs their own bakery or works as a professional sushi chef, it’s important that you look presentable and business-like to your clients and business associates. And, one way of achieving this image is by carrying around high-quality contact cards that are ready to show off. Let us help you with that polished exterior with our Ready-Made Restaurant Business Card Templates! Each of our printable, 100% customizable designs make it easy to assemble your own elegant card in Adobe Illustrator. These easily editable designs are available in 3.5x2 inches (with bleed) and are sure to impress any client. Download today--whether you specialize in barbecue, pasta, or pastries, these templates won’t let you down!

How to Make Restaurant Business Cards in Illustrator

For a lot of people that specialize in the culinary arts, it would be a dream come true to run their very own diner, restaurant, cafe, or other similar kinds of food establishment! So, for those who have accomplished that dream, it’s crucial to maintain some composure of professionalism when heading out to do business. One simple yet effective way of pulling this off is by carrying around a few business cards.

With a business card, not only will you look flashy, but you’re also letting people know just how serious you are about your profession. And, even in our modern times, there are places like Japan that consider using business cards as a type of ritualistic tradition (according to an article in So, while still serving a practical application today, these cards have a good deal of history and culture behind them.

To help you put together your own high-quality calling cards, we’re offering our diverse set of Ready-Made Restaurant Business Card Templates for you to download and edit as you need! These expertly-crafted samples are sure to impress anyone who sees them.

And, to further help you out, we’ve got a few easy tips (below) to guide you in creating a business card design using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Download Your Preferred Card Design

As a start, think about the kind of tone and image you want your cards to represent; it’s important that they match what you and/or your business is about when being presented to clients and associates. We have a good number of varying designs from our Ready-Made Restaurant Business Card Templates to suit whatever it is that you’re going for, from charming motifs to sleek vector art. So, don’t rush too much and make a thoughtful decision on which particular template to download.

2. Personalize Your Template; Add Your Contact Details

For those searching for an art or design program with plenty of creative tools to tinker with, then Adobe Illustrator is a fine choice to pick.

Once you have the desired business card template saved to your computer, you can start customizing the graphic design in Adobe Illustrator. Feel free to make as much (or as little) alterations you want; in fact, if you’d prefer, you can leave the aesthetics the way they are since they’re already fine-tuned to look appealing without further work done to them.

Now, for putting in your contact info and whatnot, it’s a good idea to remember every option you have available and write them down on a list. That way, you won’t forget any while you fill out the template.

Also, don’t forget your logo if you have one!

3. Spread Your Image in Other Ways

So, your business card design is good to go, but there are other types of material to take advantage of.

For example, flyers are a cost-effective way of advertising your business to the general public.

To keep up with our technological age, create a website to give yourself some online presence on the Internet.

4. Compact Confidence

After applying the final touches to your template and saving the edit, it’s ready to print and represent you in style. To keep your stack looking neat while taking them with you, store them in a cardholder. Whether you run a catering service or a pizza parlor, our versatile business card templates can show them off!

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