How to Create an Elegant Resume in Adobe Photoshop

A recruiter only needs a few seconds to screen a resume and decide if the applicant is fit for an initial interview or not. Out of five applicants, there is one who will be dropped based on the resume alone. Thus, it is crucial to present a quality resume to mark a lasting impression on the recruiter. Professional resumes contain all the essential details to advertise yourself and persuade your future employees that you are a perfect match for the job position. Additionally, effective resumes are clean-cut and well-organized.

1. Be Honest with Details

Seasoned recruiters can determine lies and exaggerations printed in your resume. You want to avoid overselling your knowledge, skills, and capabilities in your form and stick with facts. After all, a resume is a list of personal details, work experience, accomplishments, and abilities that can help you land the position. Resumes can be likened to marketing materials as they also sell your skills in a visually-appealing manner.

2. Tailor fit your Resume

A thing to consider in drafting a resume is that the details should be tailor-fit to the job and company that you are applying. Like all other print materials, it is crucial to fit the design and contents with the need of the client. This method does not contradict the first step as you will not make up false credentials and statements. Having a tailored resume increases the chance of getting an interview because it leaves the impression that your skills and accolades are a match for the open position.

3. Be Smart with the Layout

Resumes can have various formats based on their utility. For example, fashion CVs and resumes are more creative and colorful. The layout can showcase their skills and can also serve as part of their portfolio. Teacher resumes, on the other hand, are more clean-cut and straightforward. It is more traditional but with modern features on the graphic template. Ideally, the layout of the resume reflects the nature of the job.

4. Prioritize Readability

As stated, a recruiter can go through a resume within a few seconds before deciding your fate. It is best to make use of clean fonts which are not too large and not too small. The key is to be considerate to your readers in deciding for the font. If you have a cover letter, it should also have the same size and style as the resume.

5. Proofread

Grammatical errors in your resume are one of the reasons why recruiters drop your job applications. Errors give the impression that you made your form in a rush and gave little thought in drafting it. For applying for their first jobs, it is best to start with a simple format so that you have more time in checking the details in your resume. High school students should also have this practice while at school so that they will have an edge when they are part of the business world after graduation.

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