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Any high-end and luxurious needs a menu that acts as a little sample of the dining experience a customer will experience once they taste your meals. That is why your menu has to look good, appetizing, and will already impress the readers. With our Elegant Menu in PSD, you can easily do that! These are menu designs that have sleek, modern, and tasteful. These match any luxe establishments because of its ability to be edited whenever and where ever you are. Our products are compatible with Adobe Photoshop (.psd), making it easy to make your own. Make use of it today and you’ll have a tool that can steer your success in impressing clients!

How to Make an Elegant Menu in PSD

To a common man’s eyes, a menu is just a list of dishes and beverages that a customer can choose from at a restaurant. However, there is more to menu design that meets the eye. According to Le Cordon Bleu, a renowned culinary school in Australia, having a well-rounded understanding of a functional menu design can help develop restaurant profit. So however you create your menu ultimately affects the success of the restaurant. Any establishment can create delicious meals. However, not all restaurants can present themselves in a way that can impress everyone, especially the more luxurious crowd. 

Whether you are a fine dining restaurant, a 5-star hotel, or a catering service serving dinner for a formal wedding or event, creating a menu that serves as the face of the establishment can be pretty intimidating. However, it is not impossible. If you are looking to create an elegant menu for your hotel or restaurant, then don’t go anywhere because we have a variety of tips you can use. 

1. Plan Your Meals Well

Before creating a menu, you have to know which dishes you want to feature. And of course, featuring the best recipes in your arsenal is a must. If you do not have a plan for what you want to serve yet, a menu planner can be of great assistance for any new restaurant out there. You have to ensure that you like the dishes coming out of the kitchen so you are confident that your customers will love it too.

2. Avoid Unfamiliar Culinary Terms

Describing your dishes is a smart move instead of adding a photo for each dish for your customers’ reference. However, using terms that only those in the restaurant industry can understand makes it difficult for your diners. It also makes your restaurant seem pretentious, so make sure that your menu uses language that everyone can relate to.

3. Limit Your Food Choices

It is highly encouraged that a menu should only be 1 to 2 pages with just a few dishes. Not only does having a minimal number of dishes allow your kitchen staff to really master the selection of meals you have chosen, but this also minimizes the confusion your customers will feel when they need to choose a dish to order. Should you plan on creating a menu flyer, you will also be able to showcase all your delicacies in a single or back-to-back advertising tool.

4. Use Neutral Colors

The use of bold colors is great for menu designing when the establishment is meant to be informal in setting. However, we suggest you stick to neutrals like black, white, grey, beige, etc. when creating a simple menu. You can pop in a gold accent for an added bonus of color. This is because most restaurants that require an elegant menu are more formal and will request its diners to dress appropriately. This just makes your menu more fitting for the overall ambiance of your establishment.