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How to Prepare a Modern Resume with Microsoft Publisher

Resumes aren't just document you need to create recklessly under an hour or so. These documents may seem easy to make, but they hold a significant role in getting you a spot for an interview. According to Resume Statistics, 40% of the hiring managers only take less than a minute to read and check your resumes. There are also 75% of hiring managers will always know there are lies in your resumes. Think about the possibilities of creating your resumes without any proper thought and plan. Remember, a resume is a representation of yourself to your potential employers. You need to create your resumes carefully and accurately. Here are some tips and steps for you on how to write modern resumes.

1. Pick a Resume Format

Resumes come in different formats. When you are picking a resume format, you must think about the details you want to highlight. Do you want to have it in a chronological order to highlight your job experiences? Or do you want to highlight your knowledge and skills? Modern resumes can also be a one-page or two-page document. Just make sure you choose a format that allows your resume to be readable to your employers.

2. Design the Layout

Remember how hiring managers only take less than a minute to read your resumes? Bear that in mind while designing your simple resume. You need to achieve a minimalist style layout to avoid overcrowding your document. Using light color schemes helps relaxes your readers' eyes. It also gives off a pleasing personality and setting a great first impression. 

You can also use modern resume templates downloadable online. These printable resume templates are convenient to use with their editable content and creative designs. Choose on that suits your preferences, and you can start customizing them in any device you have.

3. Fill in with the Information Needed

You need to make sure that your professional resumes have accurate information about you. Creating the content of your resume will depend on the job you are applying to a particular industry. Are you entering a career as a professional teacher or an artist? Are you planning to work at a restaurant or hotel? Are you a high school or college graduate? Consider these details, and you will know what areas to highlight when writing your resumes.

Basic resumes usually include the applicant's personal information, educational attainment, career objectives, capabilities, and job experiences. The human resource personnel will evaluate this information before granting you an interview.

4. Customize and Finalize

Now that you have all the information you need, you can now customize them. Using editing programs like Microsoft Publisher will help you personalize your resumes quickly. These applications offer you tools and features you can use in adding and adjusting particular details on the resume. Don't forget to proofread your modern resumes before printing to avoid misunderstandings with your potential employers.

5. Print and Send

Once you have printed out your professional resumes, you can now send them to companies you wish to work with for the following years. Make sure you attach an application letter to make it more formal and helps you indicate the purpose of your document.