Making certificates, as simple as they seem, can be time-consuming especially when you need to create quite a few from scratch. Using templates specifically for the purpose they will be used for will save you a lot of time and energy; hence, we highly recommend our Modern Certificate Templates that you can easily edit in Microsoft Publisher. We have quite a few types of modern certificates that you can use such as a Modern Certificate of Excellence, Modern Certificate of Participation, Modern Workshop Certificate, Modern Award Certificate, and so much more. All our templates are easily editable and print-ready to give you the utmost convenience. Download any of our ready-made Modern Certificate Templates in Microsoft Publisher now!

How To Create A Modern Certificate In MS Publisher

A document that contains official and credible information that provides proof about an individual's entitlement, privileges, status, qualifications, and more is called a certificate. If you are planning to make this kind of document, we offer a wide variety of ready-made certificate templates that are beautifully-designed with professionally-crafted content. That means having one of our templates will help lessen your workload and gives you more time in collecting the information that you need for the document.

Here are a few pointers that you can apply in making a modern certificate:

1. Identify The Certificate Type

The first thing you need to consider when making a modern certificate is the document type and the number you need to produce. If you are assigned to make a document to show gratitude to one of the outstanding employees of the company, it would be more fitting to produce a certificate of appreciation or a certificate of achievement. It's a fitting reward for their exemplary contribution to the company.

2. Use MS Publisher

MS Publisher is popularly known for its impressive tools and features that provide a quicker and more effective way in producing documents such as brochures, newsletters, greeting cards, certificates, and other documents that require complex layouts and graphics. Since it's more reliable in terms of image editing and enhancing the layout of any documents than MS Word or other word processors, designing any kind of certificate or document in Publisher is more fun and easy.

3. Plot The Layout

Most certificates (e.g., gift certificate, completion certificate, medical certificate, certificate of participation, completion certificate, and others) follow a certain format and layout. They only vary in the way they are used or in how they are acquired. You can look for a couple of pre-formatted certificate templates from our display and download the one that matches your preference. With original modern certificate design and ready-made professionally-written content, customizing the document will only need less to no effort at all.

4. Preparing The Contents

Let's say, for example, that you are making an award certificate for one of your employees. Your certificate should indicate the name of the recipient, the title of the certificate, the name of the company who is sponsoring the award, the date the award will be given, the attesters' signatures, and other important information that will supplement the certificate's contents.

5. Modify The Template Format

All our certificate templates are multipurpose and can be used to create any kind of certificate documents using different file formats. Because of this, applying your desired theme and format will be a lot simpler and convenient. If you are working on an editable certificate of completion or a certificate of achievement template, then all you need to do is incorporate your designed format and add all the required data to it, have it signed by the attesters, and print it.

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