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What Is a Retro Flyer?

A retro flyer is a handbill given out to people to inform about a business or an event with a retro product or a retro event style. There are retro night flyer, birthday retro flyer, retro-themed restaurant, and electro party flyer you can make as a part of the retro flyer designs.

How to Make a Retro Flyer

retro flyer template

A website says that retro style refers to new things that display characteristics of the past. Although retro covers the past times, it is still alive today because it is giving us a taste of nostalgia. May it be a retro business flyer or a retro event flyer, the retro style is still in its prime even today. If you have an upcoming event with a retro theme, or a business selling retro or vintage items, flyers can help inform people. Here are some steps to making a retro flyer:

1. Design

There can be a number of retro designs choices out there. You can do a research about what retro design you want to incorporate on your simple flyer. You can choose from what era or century you want to add to your flyer. You can choose from the vintage designs from the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, or '90s. Just choose what design you like and you may make your own version of it or not.

2. Images to Include

Images give flavor to your flyers. If, for instance, you have a retro music concert, you can add a picture of a retro microphone, or a phonograph record or also known as a vinyl record. Also, you can use the pictures of vintage cars, a retro radio, or '90s disco balls. After all, it all depends on your event or business style. All you have to remember is to design your flyer with the old styles and old school designs. You can also imitate some old movie posters and use it as your inspiration for your sample flyers. Remember, don't forget to be creative in this area, but make sure your design is not chaotic. Keep it neat and attractive.

3. What Your Flyer Is All About

For this section, put your event name or business name on your flyer. Is it a retro summer night concert, a cool '90s club, a throwback disco, an old country music concert, a business selling vintage and retro items, a retro party, modern retro party night, a retro band theme concert, or a retro bowling game?

4. Details

For your event, including all the important details in your promotional flyer. Add the date, time, and location of your retro-themed event. Also, include some ideas about what the event is so that the people will be guided. For example, for a concert, you can put there, non-stop old music from the '70s, the names of the bands who will perform, or event fee. Make sure that you don't write a long paragraph about these details. Keep it short and use bullet points since you only have a small piece of paper to write on.

5. Attractive Phrases

You can not only use designs to captivate your audience, but you can also use words to captivate them. You can add catchphrases and call to action to lure people to join your event. Make it simple but impactful. Use smart phrases that will surely make your event something that people will look forward to joining. After making your flyer, make sure that you don't forget to review it. Do not overlook even simple errors. Make sure that there will be no mistakes.

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