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What Is a Statement?

It is a document that holds nothing but factual information—with the possibility of it being either positive or negative—that can be used in a number of different situations. For example, a billing statement consists serves as a report of a credit card owner's recent transactions, due payments, and other key information involving his/her financial activities. Just make sure that all contents within the document are accurate as it could lead to major problems if any of them are found incorrect or have been falsified.

How to Create a Statement

statement template

1. Know the Statement's Purpose

You need to know what the work statement is for if you want it to serve the right purpose. Are you making one to point out an individual's or business's financial situation? Is it for describing all the requirements in a work-related project? Or will it be used in court to aid in solving a particular case? Once you have managed to figure out what it's going to be used for, then you should have an idea about what its content should be.

2. Gather Your Sources of Data

This will depend entirely on the type of statement that you are going to create. Once you have done the first step, you may then proceed to figure out the different sources that have the information your statements need. So let's say that you're trying to make a financial statement and you need to show all of the other party's revenue and expenses. You can find all the information you need in documents such as balance sheets or even billing statements. Know that you will always have to check if these sources are credible in order to ensure that the statement you make contains nothing but facts.

3. Know the Format

How you will go about in arranging all the information you have gathered will be decided on what you've managed to acquire and, again, the type of statement that you have to create. Certain statements will require you to create a table if there are numerous figures that you have to input while those that are purely text-based must be properly spaced and aligned. If you are having trouble figuring out how you should go about with the format, then you can always check out the many different examples of income statements that are available online or here on our own site.

4. Make Sure Everything Is Easy to Understand

No matter what kind of information you place into the document, you have to make sure that the reader can comprehend everything that you have written down. It is best that you avoid any jargon that most are not familiar with unless if it's absolutely necessary. Check every paragraph and piece of information to see if there are any mistakes that you have to fix. The moment you spot on, be sure to make the necessary corrections immediately.

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