What Is a Social Media Instagram Story?

A social media Instagram story can be a video clip or an image than an Instagram user shares on his or her account. You can also use this Instagram feature to promote your brand's products and services to increase revenues. Instagram reports that 50% of businesses use Instagram Story.

How to Make a Social Media Instagram Story

Instagram Story is an excellent feature for marketing your products or services. So, try the ideas below in making it.

1. Have a Target Market

When it comes to advertising, it's vital to identify your target market. Tailoring ads for a specific audience will highly make your all Instagram stories successful. People will feel that you understand what they need through personalized ads for them.

2. Highlight Discounts

Offers are killer persuaders and make people want to grab discounts quickly. Once you've decided about the offer you want to give, make sure that you highlight it on your sale Instagram story. Place it on the side or at the center to make it the first content people will see.

3. Keep the Design Simple

While it's sometimes tempting to season your advertising story with tons of beautiful designs but remember that simplicity is better. Adding too many visual elements may make your social media story look confusing. So, choose simple themes, colors, and other designs for your layout.

4. Add Picture that Speaks

Although not all stories contain photos, they can make your story look more alluring. For instance, you're making a food app promotion Instagram story, capture people's interest with mouth-watering images of food. Choose the photo that speaks for your story.

5. Provide a Call to Action

Call to actions need to be present on your Instagram ad story. It has to be clear and has to tie with the benefits for people. Confusing call to action with too many details but failing to focus on people will be unsuccessful.

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