COVID-19 is a devastating strain of coronavirus. Discovered back in 2019, this disease is highly contagious and spreads easily with just minimal contact. However, there are ways to keep this sickness under control, such as spreading awareness of it. And one of the most effective platforms to achieve this is social media. If you’re looking to contribute to the cause, then let us assist you with our professional COVID-19 Social Media Templates. Take advantage of popular online networks by customizing our easily editable samples, which you can get in several different file formats and sizes. So, download now--dispel misinformation and promote health safety with our original content!

What Is COVID-19 Social Media Content?

This refers to online images and dialog found in social media platforms, used for showcasing information about COVID-19. Variations of this content contain (but aren’t limited to) hygiene practices, national health statistics, and medical facts.

As explained by The Balance (an online business resource), social media networks are one of the best ways for quickly spreading online content through a wide audience. Due to this, social media is suitable for getting COVID-19 information out there as fast as possible.

How to Make COVID-19 Social Media Content

Social media content about coronavirus can range from image posts to profile banners. However, if you’re not sure where to start with your own material, then have a read through our tips down below!

1. Your Social Media Image’s Size

Before preparing anything, consider the platform(s) that you’re using. In turn, this also means thinking about the size and shape of your image. For example, the ideal dimensions for a Facebook post are 1200 x 630 pixels.

By taking this element into account beforehand, you’re making it much easier to render or prepare your content later on.

2. Graphics for Your COVID-19 Material

A primary advantage of using image-based posts or messages is how they quickly get someone’s attention on Social Media. However, when preparing a custom graphic design for your image content, make sure that it’s both eye-catching and thematically appropriate. This detail is especially important for something with as much gravity as COVID-19.

3. Applying Photos to Your Social Media Image

Another way of creating visual-based social media content is by incorporating professionally shot photos. But don’t simply resize it, slap it on, and call it a day! For example, use an editing application to manipulate the colors into something that’s more tonally fitting for COVID-19 content. Another instance is deciding whether the photo is the image’s main body or takes up just a portion of it.

4. Writing Content in Your Social Media Visuals

Besides your content’s imagery, there’s also the matter of rendering a message or dialogue onto it. Social media images are usually hindered by size and shape, especially when it comes to viewing them on mobile devices. So, when drafting your written content, practice concise and clever writing. For instance, a tagline both saves space and has a better impact than a plainly written statement.

So, just remember our tips and you’ll have an easier time spreading your message about COVID-19 through Facebook covers, LinkedIn posts, and more. Plus, if you want editable resources to help your cause, then do consider our COVID-19 Social Media Templates!

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