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What Is a Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is a marketing tool for online strategists, bloggers, small business owners, and media enterprises. It is also used to set up posts ahead of time.

How To Make a Social Media Calendar?

social media calendar template

A social media calendar needs to be organized according to certain conditions. To make a social media calendar, all you need to do is to coordinate your ideas and follow all the tips below:

1. Find a Site That Works Best For Your Business

Facebook has a lot of users, and those users numbers in a billion. It lets you post essential materials that are relevant to your business, and it can even introduce you to every new member through ads. Twitter has been proven by many business owners to increase sales revenue and better customer service. Instagram offers rarity and lets you in behind-the-scenes of what's going on, so your audience will always be anticipating your brand's activities. YouTube can allow you to interact with your viewers and, for the win, you can customize your YouTube page to cater to different topics. Also, updated videos always get the most views that turn them into profit. Capitalize on these social media sites to engage with consumers and gain benefits for every industry, especially with brand monitoring.

2. Download the Template that Works Best For You

Your marketing calendar template should help you save time and eliminate stress. Avoid the hassles and difficulties of posting your media contents by choosing a template that you are familiar with or you think that's easy for you to use. Your calendar should make your work more efficient, and your files, posts, and contents organized.

3. Plan Your Social Media Calendars

Several types of social media calendars will suit your needs. You only need to use a business calendar that works for your goals. It can get chaotic if you have so many on your plate and will make it harder for you to track and keep up your tasks. The most common type of social media calendars is the broad general calendar, content calendar, and the promotion calendar of which each one of them has different uses that would surely cater to your needs.

4. Do a General Layout of Your Contents and Posts

The social media calendar is a communication calendar and also your timekeeping calendar. Make sure that all your media contents and posts are already arranged in a neat order so that you can keep track of your progress as well. If you are working on numerous networks, you must plan what you want to post, where you would post it, and when you are going to do it. If you have marketing strategists to do this for you, make sure that you keep in touch with them and that you are updated with everything.

5. Ask Yourself Why You are Posting It

For every site, there is a corresponding usage. What are your goals for posting content on social media? Did your shared content reach your audience? Knowing what your goals are will help you make a highly reliable social media calendar that could help you achieve your goals.

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