Parent's Day Social Media Templates

Surprise Your Mother and Father with Heartwarming Happy Greetings for the Celebration Dedicated to Parents.’s Free Parent’s Day Social Media Templates Offer Designs for the National Event with Themed Graphics for Posters and Flyers. Customize a Design and Upload the Best Social Media Post for Your Parents. Download Now! See more

What is Parent's Day Social Media Templates

In 2018, 11 children were born per population of 1000, according to Statista. Being a parent is difficult, and many people fail at being parents. However, the majority that succeeds can raise children that are happy and give them the education to be successful in the future. To honor parents, every 1st of June, Parent's Day is celebrated. You can easily greet parents around the world using social media since it is widely available.

How to Make Parent's Day Social Media Templates

Want to send greetings to the parents, you know. Social media is the tool for you. You can create digital banners that are unique and would surely be appreciated. To know more, you can check the tips below.

1. Create a Layout 

Layouts offer a great deal of organization to any document or illustration or even marketing materials like banners. Layouts serve as the guide that dictates how your template should appear. It is like a blueprint of a document. Layouts are not the final product; therefore, you can apply changes in it.

2. Choose a Computer Application to Work With

Producing social media visual contents like posters and banners is possible because of graphic design applications like Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. These applications have several tools that make image editing efficient and easy.

3. Gather Materials

If you are unable to create the images that you will need for your template, we would suggest that you collect materials instead. However, you should be careful when gathering materials for your template's graphic design.

4. Put Your Template Together

Use the material you have collected and put your template together according to your plan.

5. Finalize and Save

At this stage, you can now put the final touches on your social media material and save it. It is now ready for use.


  • When was Parent's Day first celebrated?

      The countries known to celebrate Parent's Day are South Korea and the United States. South Korea started celebrating this holiday in 1973. President Bill Clinton of the United States established the celebration of Parent's Day in the U.S. in 1994. Both countries celebrate this holiday every 1st of June.

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