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How to Make a Social Media Planner

Social media is a powerhouse tool that has a variety of uses for business owners of all sizes. Not only is it capable of publishing flyers and promotional tools for little to no money, but you are also able to connect with your clients in a convenient manner. According to Statista, there are about 2.7 billion individuals using a social media platform in 2018. The number is expected to grow to an additional billion in the year 2021. With this high number of users, it would be a smart business move to invest in social media strategies and plans in order to maximize their marketing potential. Not only can businesses benefit from social media plan, but influencers and social media moguls can increase their algorithms of each social media website so their channel can grow and improve so they can widen their influence scope. These plans also help you create cohesive and attainable goals, drive website traffic, and develop conversions.  

There are many ways and methods in planning and organizing ideas for your social media strategies. Starting off with a great planner is a big deal and can certainly improve your social media game. If you need assistance on how to craft a planner that is not only useful but engaging and effective as well, read more for some tips and tricks on planning.

1. Include a Social Media Calendar

Having a social media calendar ready, whether it is in a weekly or monthly format, gives you a birds-eye-view of the things that need to be accomplished in a timeframe. This way, you can even see the times of the day which you are available to sneak in a few social media posts here and there.

2. Have a Page Where Bullet Journaling is Possible

In fact, you don’t even necessarily need a professional planner in order for you to keep track of your goals and the things you must do for your social media handles. Notebook journals can be used for your bullet journaling, which helps you plan out your day in a stress-free manner that doesn’t have to be rigid or constricting.

3. Keep Track of Popular and Useful Hashtags

Think of your business’s niche. Now, in order for your account to gain more traffic, the use of hashtags that are relevant to your business is a must. This is especially useful for Instagram and even Facebook. There is an algorithm used in each social media site that uses basic search optimization knowledge in order to gain traffic among users with the same interests as you. The use of hashtags highly influences your popularity, so keep track of these hashtags in your plans.

4. Add-in Content Creation Plans

Have a section or a page in your planner that allows you to bullet in your ideas for posts. These posts can range from videos to photos to sponsored ads and even social media stories. Social media flowcharts can be especially useful when you are still starting out in developing a flow to how you plan social media content in a smart and effective manner. Remember that if you plan out your strategies in an organized and clean manner, you can better organize your ideas that can improve your overall social media game plan.